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Gaelic Folk-Tales and Mediaeval Romances, Alan Bruford
1 Alan Bruford Gaelic Folk-Tales and Mediaeval Romances
Ireland The Folklore Of Ireland Society 1969 First Irish Edition Hardcover Very Good+ Very Good+ 
Original Very Good+ First Irish Edition Red Hardcover with Black Title Patch and Gilt Titles Very Good+ Dust Jacket Ireland: UnClipped. The Folklore Of Ireland Society,1969.First Irish Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall Red Cloth and Red Dust Jacket with Celtic knots Rare NOT a library copy. NOT Price cut. Shanachie tales.Finn McCool Eachtra, Sidhe folk, etc. The nativist inner Ireland shines here in this rare classic study of Celtic Religion surviving in living oral Irish folktale.with Irish Arthurian discussion. Rare and doubly so in this excellent collectible condition. NOT a library copy. Since 1977 Three Geese In Flight Books packing Celtic studies with care. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 184.00 USD
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2 Alexander Haggerty Krappe Balor With The Evil Eye Studies In Celtic and French Literature Hardcover Second Edition
U.S.A. Norwood Editions 1973 Second American Edition Hardcover Very Good 
U.S.A.: Norwood Editions, 1973. Book. Very Good. Hardcover. Second American Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Original Norwood Second Edition Hardcover Irish Fomor and Lugh of the Long Arm Original Hardcover1973 Reprint Rare Celtic studies title on Balor and Tuatha De Dannan. Comparative Studies Arthurian Conte de Graal, Arthur and Gorlagon, and Perceval. More study of academic comparative Celtic discussion. Very Good tight binding. Ex-library No writing or underlines. No library pocket but the ghost of removed library stickers can be seen. NO Numbers on spine. A few small stamps on second blank end papers but the pages are clean and NO underlines. This is the 1973 Norwood Edition of the 1927 Institute Des Etudes Francaise NOT a print on demand. We wrap first in paper. Three Geese In Flight selling what we love. 
Price: 95.00 USD
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3 Alison Adams, Armel H. Diverres, Karen Stern and Kenneth Varty Edited The Changing Face Of Arthurian Romance Essays on Arthurian Prose Romances in memory of Cedric E. Pickford (Arthurian Studies XVI) Hardcover
England D.S.Brewer 1986 0859912272 / 9780859912273 First Edition Hardcover Fine Fine Mylared 
Fine Hardcover and Fine Condition Dust Jacket Mylar Protected. NOT a library copy, Clean text price clipped anthology by many of the greats of Arthurian scholarship. Great Arthurian essays on Welsh Grail epic, "Perceval in Wales: Late Medieval Grail Tradition" by Ceridwen Lloyd-Morgan another on Lancelot in Malory, another on Tristan, and another on the Prose Merlin. More Fanni Bogdanow, Espeth Kennedy many more..Here with the rare pink dust jacket in excellent shape Arthurian books wrapped first in brown paper since 1077 Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 65.00 USD
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4 Anna Morduch The Sovereign Adventure The Grail Of Mankind Hardcover
England James Clarke 1970 1st Edition Hardcover Fine Fine 
England: James Clarke, 1970. Book. Fine. Hardcover. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall. Fine First English Edition Hardcover and Fine Collectible Dust Jacket. NOT Price Clipped. NOT a library book. Clean pages Grail and Kabbalah. Parsifal and Christian Mysticism Clean Fine condition both book and jacket. Not price clipped No marks.. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 39.00 USD
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5 Anne Eliot Crompton Percival's Angel Author of Merlin's Harp First American Edition
U.S.A Roc 1999 First American Edition Paperback Fine 
U.S.A: Roc, 1999. Book. Fine. Mass Market Paperback. First American Edition. 12mo - over 6" - 7" tall. Fine Mass Market Paperback. Collectible New Condition. First American Edition. Arthurian Fantasy Novel By the Author of "Merlin's harp" here of Percival, the Grail knight. Rare unread Condition. First Edition. 
Price: 16.56 USD
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6 Arthur Groos & Norris J.Lacy Edited Norris Lacy Perceval / Parzival A Casebook Hardcover
London Routeledge 2002 First Edition Hardcover Fine 
London: Routeledge, 2002. Book. Fine. Hardcover. First Edition. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Fine Hardcover First Edition Condition Clean . Anthology of Arthurian essays centering on Perceval or Parzival and the Grail. One by Brynley Roberts on the Welsh 'Peredur Son of Efrawg' from the Mabinogion. Great. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 80.00 USD
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7 Bruce Macfarlane Notes on Arthurian Literature
San Bernadino CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2016 1534610871 / 9781534610873 First Edition Paperback Fine 
Fine Collectible Condition 151 pp discussion of Gildas and Nennius and discusses the latest opinions of Arthurian historicity Also a lot of Arthurian Medieval literature discussion such as Perceval's father and the Fisher King. Text, First Edition notes, bibliography Worthwhile addition to a comprehensive Arthurian library collection First Edition. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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8 Chretien de Troyes Perceval; or, The Story of the Grail
Athens, Ga University Of Georgia Press 1985-10 0820308129 / 9780820308128 Paperback Fine 
U.S.A.: University of Georgia Press, 1983. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 4th Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Red Trade Paperback Excellent condition clean pages Text, intro, notes. This quest is before you. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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9 Chretien de Troyes Translated By Ruth Harwood Cline Perceval; or, The Story of the Grail
Athens, Ga University Of Georgia Press 1985-10 0820308129 / 9780820308128 Fourth Edition Paperback Near Fine 
Excellent Clean Trade Paperback NOT a library copy NO writing in text 247 pp. Ruth Harwood Cline English Verse Translation of the French Holy Grail Arthurian Romance of Chretien de Troyes with it's Celtic and Hebrew Mystical underpinnings. Near fine tight bright and clean. Three Geese In Flight Arthurian romance since 1977 We wrap with care and our famous five star customer service 
Price: 39.00 USD
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10 Chretien De Troyes Edited Lucien Foulet Preface De Mario Roques Perceval Le Gallois Ou Le Conte Du Graal Mis En Francais Moderne
Paris A.G.Nizet 1972 1st Edition Paperback Very Good+ Illustrated by b/w Designs 
Paris: A.G.Nizet, 1972. Book. Illus. by Illustrated by b/w Designs. Very Good+. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. Trade Paperback. Very Good+. NO Writing NOT a library book. French Language B/W Drawings. Clean attractive layout. Chretien De Troyes in French, the way it hears close to the heart. Clean pages. Three Geese In Flight 35 years selling Arthurian books and Celtic as one We wrap first in paper. First Edition. 
Price: 27.00 USD
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11 Corine Heline Mysteries Of The Holy Grail
U.S.A. New Age Press 1973 2nd Edition Paperback Near Very Good 
U.S.A.: New Age Press, 1973. Book. Near Very Good. Trade Paperback. 2nd Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Trade Paperback Mystical study of the Holy Grail from a Mystery School Perspective. Published in California in 1973. It is insightful in explaining some of the medieval hidden symbolism of the interior castle. Besides some light shelf wear on cover. Interior clean and the book is very good and tight binding.NO underlines NO plates NOT a library cover. Since 1977 we wrap our Arthurian books first in brown paper. 
Price: 24.00 USD
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12 Cyril Edwards Translated Richard Barber Introduction Parzival and Titurel Wolfram Von Eschenbach
U.S.A. Oxford University Press 2009 First Thus Paperback Fine 
U.S.A.: Oxford University Press, 2009. Book. Fine.Clean Trade Paperback. Clean pages Tight Binding. The Translator seeks to cut back on the confusing effect of Wolfram in translation. Excellent translation of this ironic really, German Grail masterpiece of racial tolerance with Jewish Astrologers, noble Saracens and Knight Templars.It is hard to believe how the nazis (with a small n) used Parzival as their perfect symbol. Maybe with Wagner you can but not the tolerant Masonic Templar Wolfram. It is free of anti Semitic rhetoric and if anything he speaks of Flegetanis the Jewish/Muslim Astrologer from Toledo Spain! Clean handsome medieval 15th century Gawain painting on cover. Since 1977 we wrap in brown paper before shipping. First Edition. 
Price: 24.00 USD
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13 Deborah Webster Rogers Translated W. T. H. Jackson Introduction Lancelot The Knight Of the Cart Chretien De Troyes Translated Deborah Webster Rogers
U. S. A. Columbia University Press 1984 Second American Edition Paperback Fine 
U. S. A.: Columbia University Press, 1984. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. Second American Edition. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Trade Paperback Fine Clean Condition.Wonderful translation of Chretien's poem about Lancelot and Guinevere into modern prose. Puts you into the story without verse's story slowing filter yet still feels like you are hearing the tale in a castle. Text, intro. Trade Paperback Excellent condition. NOT a library copy. 
Price: 22.00 USD
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14 Dell Skeels The Romance of Perceval In Prose A Translation of the E Manuscript of the Didot Perceval
U.S.A. University of Washington Press 1966 1st Edition Paperback Good 
U.S.A.: University of Washington Press, 1966. Book. Good. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Good Trade Paperback Arthurian Prose Perceval Grail text. Modern English with introduction. Slight shelf wear. Clean pages NOT a library copy No underlining. Solid reading copy of this important easy reading Grail text.. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 16.00 USD
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15 Dell Skeels The Romance Of Perceval In Prose A Translation Of The E. Manuscript Of The Didot Perceval Hardcover With Dust Jacket
Seattle University of Washington Press 1961 First Edition Hardcover Near Fine Near Fine Mylared 
Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1961. Book. Near Fine. Hardcover. First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Near Fine First Edition Hardcover Near Fine Mylar Protected Dust Jacket. No markings in text. NOT a library copy. Important Arthurian Grail text price clipped with only a touch of shelf wear bright in it's Mylar jacket. NO underlines. Sometimes called the 'Didot Perceval' Academic with Modern English Prose translation . Very enjoyable and well written in modern English. Introduction, notes. Three Geese In Flight Books Arthurian and Celtic Studies Since 1977 We wrap first in brown paper to protect cover Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 45.00 USD
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16 Dell Skells The Romance Of Perceval In Prose Hardcover
Seattle University of Washington 1961 1st Edition Hardcover Fine No Jacket 
Seattle: University of Washington, 1961. Book. Fine. Hardcover. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall. Fine First Edition The "Didot Perceval" Original Hardcover Clean pages, no underlines. NOT a library copy.B/W Medieval designs Translation from the French original into modern English prose. Uncommon Grail text here in modern prose. "The Fisher King" "the Checkerboard Castle" Text Introduction, notes. Since 1977 we wrap with care and respect. First Edition. 
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17 Felix Lecoy Les Romans De Chretien De Troyes Le Conte Du Graal (Perceval)
Paris: Librairie Honore Champion, 1975 First French Ed Paperback Very Good 
Paris:: Librairie Honore Champion,, 1975. Book. Very Good. Paperback. First French Ed. 12mo - over 6" - 7" tall. 2 vol. Arthurian Grail romance set in old French. Les Classiques Francais Du Moyen Age. Handsome little two volume set.. First Edition. 
Price: 49.17 USD
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18 Frater Achad The Chalice Of Ecstasy Being A Magical & Qabalistic Interpretation Of The Drama Of Parzival By a Companion Of The Holy Grail
U.S.A. Sure Fire Press 1994 First Thus Card Stock Mysically Illustrated Covers Fine 
Fine Condition Clean Collectable Condition 25 pp. No Writing NOT a library copy. Fascinating exploration of Parzival and a Qabalistic look at the Grail. Great drawing of Chalice with Hebrew writing on Chalice and descending Holy Spirit dove.Fine condition Since 1977 we wrap first in brown paper to protect your book 
Price: 35.00 USD
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19 J.Lloyd Williams and Arthur Somervell Edited by The English Words Alfred Perceval Graves Welsh Melodies (Part I) The English Words Alfred Perceval Graves
London Boosey & Co 1907 1st Edition Paperback Good- 
London: Boosey & Co, 1907. Book. Good-. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Original 1907 Welsh Melodies Red Dragon On Green Covers. Pages clean and complete. Paper spine chipped away. Good- Internal Welsh and English Lyrics Music Notaton.'Y Gwcw Fach" "Gray Hare" "Beti Llandanffraid" "Beti The Mischief" Pages clean. Many more songs. No writing. or underlines. Covers pasted down for ease and longevity. Nice working copy only Red Dragon on cover. First Edition. 
Price: 29.00 USD
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20 M. R. Harrington The Iroquois Trail Dickon Among the Onondagas and Senecas
Piscataway, New Jersey, U.s.a. Rutgers University Press August 1991 0813504805 / 9780813504803 Paperback Near Fine 
New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1991. Book. Illus. by Don Perceval. Near Fine Clean. Trade Paperback. Fourth American Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Very Good Paperback Clean pages NOT a library book. Excellent series of a man adapted by Lenape and then comes to the Onondaga Nation of the Six Nation League of the Longhouse. Illustrated with b/w drawings of traditional shaman and Longhouse ceremony. Excellent Onondaga language glossary too. Wonderful. great shape Loving Six Nation Books since 1977 we pack with great care. 
Price: 34.00 USD
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21 MacEdward Leach Edited Studies in Medieval Literature in Honor Of Professor Albert Croll Baugh
U.S.A. University of Pennsylvania Press 1964 Second American Edition Hardcover Near Very Good None 
Hardcover University of Pennsylvania Press, 1964.Clean Ex-Library.only number sticker on spine Near Very Good. Hardcover. Second American Edition.. Hardcover Near Very Good No Dust Jacket No Writing in text.Tight binding No Underlines Second American Edition Collection of academic essays. Among them Roger Sherman Loomis "Was Chaucer a Free Thinker?" "Arthurian William Roach "The Conclusion of the Perceval Continuation in Bern MS.113" also Helaine Newstead "The Enfances of Tristan and English tradition." J.Burke Severs The Antecedents of Sir Orfeo", many more Medieval essays... 
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22 Mary Flowers Braswell Edited (Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages) Sir Perceval of Galles and Ywain and Gawain (Middle English Texts)
Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.s.a. Western Michigan Univ Medieval June 1995 1879288605 / 9781879288607 First American Edition Paperback Fine 
Fine Trade Paperback First Collectible Edition 1995. Clean 212 pp. U.S.A.:Medieval Institute Publications. First American Edition. 4to - over 9¾ - 12" tall. NOT a library copy No underlines NO writing. Academic Middle English primary text and study Sir Perceval of Galles and Ywain and Gawaine Middle English original!.Middle English Texts Series Three Geese in Flight Arthurian Legend, Early English and Norse since 1977 Wrapped first in brown paper before packing First Edition. 
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23 Meirion Pennar Peredur An Arthurian Romance From The Mabinogion
Wales Llanerch 1991 Paperback Fine Illustrated James Negus 
Wales: Llanerch, 1991. Book. Illus. by Illustrated James Negus. Fine. Trade Paperback. 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall. Fine Condition Trade Paperback with Original drawings. Fresh Translation of the Arthurian Grail story of Peredur. Here introduction on Grail literature and Arthurian versions from france, germany and as here Wales, Besides introduction and translation it includes the Diplomatic original Welsh text to compare. Like new. 
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Perceval The Story of the Grail  Chretien de Troyes  Hardcover, Nigel Bryant Translated Chretien De Troyes
24 Nigel Bryant Translated Chretien De Troyes Perceval The Story of the Grail Chretien de Troyes Hardcover
England Boydell and Brewer Press 1982 1st Edition Hardcover Near Fine Near Fine mylared 
Near Fine First Edition Hardcover and Near Fine Mylar Protected Dust Jacket.England: Boydell and Brewer Press, 1982. Besides Chretien's classic 'Story of the Grail" the three sequels seldom seen and even less read here are given in modern English. We are all part of the mystery of the Grail, the future of our planet not becoming a 'wasteland'. Here are the major primary texts in readable English with scholarly introduction.Collectible condition. Mylar protected dust jacket. We wrap first in brown paper to protect dust jacket. Three Geese In Flight Celtic and Arthurian books since 1977. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 65.00 USD
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25 Robert H. Ivy The Manuscript Relations of Manessier's Continuation Of The French Perceval
U. S. A. University of Pennsylvania Press 1951 First American Edition Paperback Fine 
U. S. A.: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1951. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. First American Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Original Edition in Near Fine Collectible Condition. NOT a library book. First Edition Academic study with portions of the text of Manessier's Continuation of the Old French Perceval. Great shape. Internally clean. Gray card stock academic binding. Some uncut pages. Pages and cover clean. NOT a library book. English and French text.. First Edition. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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26 Sandra Hindman Sealed In Parchment Rereadings Of Knighthood In The Illuminated Manuscripts of Chretien de Troyes
U.S.A. The University of Chicago Press 1994 First Edition Paperback Fine 
U.S.A.: The University of Chicago Press, 1994. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Clean First Edition Trade Paperback Free of Writing NOT a library copy. Great Arthurian study of knighthood in the illuminated manuscripts of Chretien de Troyes. Serious look at the "Joy of the Court". First Edition. 
Price: 18.00 USD
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27 Urban Tigner Holmes Chretien De Troyes Hardcover
U.S.A. Twayne 1970 First Edition First Printing Hardcover Very Good Near Very Good 
U.S.A.: Twayne, 1970. Book. Very Good. Hardcover. First Edition First Printing. 12mo - over 6 - 7" tall. Very Good Hardcover with dust jacket NOT a Library cop NOT Price clipped. Except for cover soiling on jacket and shelf malaise both book and jacket Good solid condition. Pages clean. One of the most thought provoking scholars on Arthurian literature and the Grail.. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 36.80 USD
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28 William A Nitze and Harry F Williams Arthurian Names In The Perceval Of Chretien De Troyes Analysis and Commentary Original 1955 Edition
Los Angeles University Of California Press 1955 1st Edition Paperback Fine 
Los Angeles: University Of California Press, 1955. Book. Near Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine First 1955 Edition Clean NOT a library copy Great Rare Original Academic study of the Arthurian associations in the Grail text of Chretien De Troyes and the Grail Continuations, and the Queste. William Nitze on Irish influence in "The Grail Castle is modeled on an Irish Bruiden..." Hard to find original AND in clean Near Fine condition. Three Geese In Flight Celtic and Arthurian Books since 1977 First Edition. 
Price: 55.00 USD
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