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1 Alcott Allison The White Stone: A Mystical Novel from Early Ireland
St. Joseph, Mi Cosmic Concepts Pr 1992 0962050725 / 9780962050725 First Edition Paperback Fine 
U. S. A.: Cosmic Concepts, 1989. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. First American Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Fine Collectible First Edition Clean Condition. Little known Irish Mythological Fantasy Novel published in American by a small press in the Eighties.Romans and Ancient Irish belief and use of white quartz crystal and energy sites on alignments. NOT a Library copy! Great Collectible Condition. In the time of the Druids, Niall sking of Meath! First Edition. 
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2 Anna Lee Waldo Circle of Stars
U.S.A St.Martins Press 2001 0312203802 / 9780312203801 First American Edition Hardcover Fine Fine 
U.S.A: St.Martins Press, 2001. Book. Fine. Hardcover. First American Edition. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Fine Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket. Collectible First American Edition. NOT Price Clipped NOT a library book Sequel to Circle of Stones and Prince Madoc and the Welsh Indian myth. This author wrote the wildly popular "Sacajawea" Great condition.. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 13.66 USD
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3 Anna Lee Waldo Circle of Stones
U.S.A. St.Martins Press 1999 First American Edition Hardcover Fine Fine 
U.S.A.: St.Martins Press, 1999. Book. Fine. Hardcover. First American Edition. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Fine Collectible Hardcover with Dust Jacket Great condition Clean pages Not price clipped. The author of the popular Lewis and Clark Novel 'Sacajawea', which introduced many Americans to the Welsh Indian Prince Madoc story. Here is she explores the Prince Madoc story and the Medieval Welsh in early North America's origins. Collectible condition. Three Geese In Flight Books 35 years introducing the world to Celtic studies and the Arthurian legend as one. NOT a library book. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
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4 Anna. Ritchie The Kingdom of the Picts (The Way It Was)
Edinburgh Chambers Harrap Publishers Ltd 1977 0550755349 / 9780550755346 Paperback Fine 
Fine Trade Paperback. First Scottish Edition. Scotland: Chambers, 1977. Book. 8vo. The Picts and their symbols. Still great and insightful.48 pp. Many B/W illus Here in excellent collectible condition and very uncommon NOT a library book.. First Edition. 
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5 Aubrey Burl Prehistoric Avebury
U.S.A. Yale University Press 1979 First American Edition Hardcover Very Good Very Good 
U.S.A.: Yale University Press, 1979. Book. Very Good. Hardcover. First American Edition. 4to - over 9" - 12" tall. Very Good Large Hardcover with Near Very Good Mylar Protected Price clipped Dust Jacket NOT a library book Great Color illustrations, extensive text and color and b/w illustration and photos throughout.. The Astronomy of the stones is extraordinarily portrayed with the Megalithic Yard that Burl pioneered. All around good clean shape, a few small chips otherwise excellent condition and bright in it's mylar. Tight binding no writing or underlines.. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 23.75 USD
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6 Barbara E. Crawford Edited by Scotland in Dark Age Britain
Scotland St.Andrews 1996 First Edition Paperback Fine 
Near Fine Clean First Edition Seven brilliant essays on early Medieval Britain, Ireland and Scotland in the Age of Arthur. 159 pp. b/w illus. Map "Protected Space in Britain ad Ireland in the Middle ages" Wendy Davies "The Early inscribed stones of south-west Britain" Elisabeth Okasha ""Iona Scotland and the Celi De" Thomas Clancy More Clean free of writing. Since 1977 we wrap first in brown paper.to protect your cover First Edition. 
Price: 55.00 USD
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7 Baynes E Neil Edmondes Owen Rev.D The Megalithic Remains Of Anglesey The Transactions Of The Honourable Society Of Cymmrodorion Session 1910-11 Original 1912 First Edition
Wales The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion 1912 First Welsh Edition Paperback Very Good 
Wales: The Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, 1912. Book. Very Good. Trade Paperback. First Welsh Edition. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Very Good Original 1912 First Edition. Clean NOT a library book Comprehensive B/W Plates Dolmens The Megalithic Remains of Anglesea chambers, standing stones, cairns, diagrams of temples.This also includes Edmonds on 'Pre-Reformation Survivals in Radnorshire'. Complete original 1912 edition. For 35 years Three Geese In Flight takes the time to wrap our books in brown craft paper to protect and respect the book and you. First Edition. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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8 Benjamin Myer Brink Editor Olde Ulster Vol.1 May 1905 No.5 An Historical and Genealogical Magazine Original 1905 Edition
Kingston New York Benjamin Myer Brink 1905 1st Edition Paperback Fine 
Kingston New York: Benjamin Myer Brink, 1905. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. Fine 1905 Original Edition Olde Ulster Vol.1 May 1905 No.5 Clean text. No writing NOT a library copy. Doctor Brink was not only the editor and publisher of these rare collection of lore, history, geneology, Native Algonquin history, and lore of the Dutch, Walloons, Huguenot in the Catskill mountains. Dr, Brink was also a white Magician of great power and was called when even witches of dark spirits needed taming. (See 'The Catskills" by Alf Evers In this 30pp issue of this long running publication of North American history folklore 'The First Disturbance at Esopus 1658' 'Forests of Old Ulster in 1738'' Du Bois Tombstone Inscriptions at Fishkill More 129-160pp Three Geese In Flight 35 years packing books first in paper to protect the book on it's journey.. First Edition. 
Price: 79.00 USD
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The Idea of Order The Circular Archetype in Prehistoric Europe (Hardback), Bradley, Richard
9 Bradley, Richard The Idea of Order The Circular Archetype in Prehistoric Europe (Hardback)
Great Britain Oxford University Press 2012 0199608091 / 9780199608096 First English Edition Hardcover Fine 
Collectible Fine Hardcover 242 pp. B/W Photos, Maps, Drawings Cutting edge study of circular architecture in Neolithic and later Celtic architecture and the thinking behind it as opposed to rectangular buildings. You know when we say someone is a "square" the reasoning goes way back. Explores Megaliths from Loughcrew to later Celtic Christian Castro Cividade Portugal.Great price!!! Three Geese In Flight Celtic studies wrapped with brown paper before packing to protect your cover since 1977 First Edition. 
Price: 110.00 USD
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10 Carlo Delfino Editore Arzachena Monumenti Archeologici Breve Itinerario
Italy Carlo Delfino 1984 1st Edition Paperback Very Good 
Italy: Carlo Delfino, 1984. Book. Very Good. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Trade Paperback. First Italian Edition Clean pages NOT a library copy. Color and B/W Photos along with drawings accompany this archaeological study of ancient Megalithic and Celtic Italy. Stone circles, standing stones, dry stone chambers, defense walls towers, circular stone building foundations Clean No markings! Italian language. Since 1977 we pack carefully and with respect for the book.. First Edition. 
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11 Charles Le Quintrec The Stones Of Carnac
Rennes Ouest France 1980 First English Language Edition Paperback Very Good Color and b/w Illustrations 
Rennes: Ouest France, 1980. Book. Illus. by Color and b/w Illustrations. Very Good. Trade Paperback. First English Language Edition. 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall. Translated from French This fantastic Color Photo filled 34pp. historical folkloric study of the Stones of Carnac says more and captures the mystery more than books ten times it's length. Offers the travelers tales of the visitors to these stones that refuse the easy or hard science explanation, Wonderful as are the illus. Clean pages. . First Edition. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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12 Charles Thomas Christian Celts Messages and Images Hardcover
England Tempus 1998 First English Edition Hardcover Fine Fine Signed
England: Tempus, 1998. Book. Fine. Hardcover. First English Edition. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Hardcover with dust jacket in clean excellent condition accent this great scholar's study of Arthurian age Ogam and the inscribed stones of Celtic Britain and Cornwall and the early Celtic church and the use of Bible code. Counters decrying of early Celtic 'written sources! This allows you to pierce a fog bank of perceived knowledge. . Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 25.00 USD
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13 Charles Thomas Gathering the Fragments: The Selected Essays of a Groundbreaking Historian
The Cornovia Press 2012-03 1908878029 / 9781908878021 Hardcover Fine 
Fine Collectible Condition Decorative Hardcover 200 pp. Clean. Beautiful Celtic Cover Design. Cornish historian's work of post Roman Britain is well known. Here is a collection of Celtic studies collected from surprising sources i.e "Cerealogist" on Magnetic Anomalies" and even "Cryptozoological Society" on Loch Ness monster! Even the Cornish black cats. and "A Black Cat Among Pictish Beasts" Very surprising (I saw one in 1974 in Lelant) Also Pictish Stone Symbol Stones" and on underground tunnels and Cornish Folklore "Present Day Charmers in Cornwall" "Dolmens" etc. b/w photos. Many more Uncommon in decorative hardcover (No d/j ever issued) and Fine clean and handsome.Three Geese in Flight Celtic studies since 1977 wrapping in brown paper before packing. First Edition. 
Price: 54.00 USD
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14 Charles Thomas The Principal Antiquities Of The Land's End District
Cornwall Cornwall Archaeological Society 1980 Sixteenth Revised Edition Paperback Fine 
Cornwall: Cornwall Archaeological Society, 1980. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. Sixteenth Revised Edition. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Near Fine Clean Fully Revised Stiff Card Covers Trade Paperback NOT a library copy. Drawings. Celtic fort plans drawings,holed stone maps. Focused study on ancient Megalithic and Celtic Pagan and Christian Cornwall by Cornish scholar Charles Thomas B/W drawings and illus. Great condition. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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15 Chris Lowe Angels, Fools and Tyrants Britons and Anglo-Saxons in Southern Scotland
Scotland The Making of Scotland 1999 1st Edition Paperback Very Good+ Signed
Scotland: The Making of Scotland, 1999. Book. Very Good+. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall. Very Good+ Clean First Scottish Edition Gives faces to the fighters of the Gododdin. Also Urien of Rheged and the Angles and Saxons in Northumberland, architecture and weapons inscribed stones and Christian hermitages Color and b/w. NOT a library book. Since 1977 old school book dealer specializing in Celtic and Saxon material. First Edition. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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16 Claire O' Kelly Passage-Grave Art In The Boyne Valley
Cork Ireland Houston & Son 1978 First Thus Paperback Fine Photos and Drawings 
Cork Ireland: Houston & Son, 1978. Book. Illus. by Photos and Drawings. Fine. Trade Paperback. First Thus. 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall. Fine Original 1978 Green Trade Paperback Clean Free Of Markings or underlines. NOT a library copy. Perhaps the clearest most direct collection of photo and drawing illustrations of the Incised stones at Newgrange. Full page drawings and photos by this famous Irish archaeologist. All the designs on the stones clearly layed out and presented. First Edition. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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17 Clapp, Nicholas Sheba Through the Desert in Search of the Legendary Queen
Boston HM CO, Boston 2001 0395952832 / 9780395952832 Hardcover Fine Fine 
Fine Collectible Hardcover and Near Fine Dust Jacket. One closed little tear or the jacket would be "Fine" as well.372 pp.U. S. A.: Houghton Mifflin, 2001.First American Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. The author journeys to the standing stones of Ubar to find this desert queen. Tales of Menelik and the Ark of the Covenant abide.The queen who Solomon loved and was loved in turn Like new book and jacket. NOT a library copy. NOT price clipped either..Collectible copy. Three Geese In Flight since 1977 Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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18 Cristina Biaggi Ph.D. Foreward By Marija Gumbutas Habitations of the Great Goddess Hardcover
U.S.A KIT 1994 First Edition Hardcover Very Good Very Good 
U.S.A: KIT, 1994. Book. Very Good. Hardcover. First Edition. 4to - over 9" - 12" tall. Hardcover and Dust Jacket Both Excellent Great book on the Goddess as temple! The Scottish Orkney islands and the Megalithic temples on Malta are featured. in this terrific handsome large hardcover book on the Great Goddess.Foward by Marija Gimbutas. Not a library book Color and b/w illus. Excellent condition. . Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 54.63 USD
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19 D.D.C. Pochin Mould Irish Pilgrimage Hardcover First Edition
U.S.A. Devin-Adair 1957 First American Edition Hardcover Fine Very Good b/w Photography 
U.S.A.: Devin-Adair, 1957. Book. Illus. by b/w Photography. Fine. Hardcover. First American Edition. 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall. Fine First Edition Hardcover with Very Good+ Mylar Protected Dust Jacket. Book excellent clean jacket a few very small barely noticeable chips at top edges bright in mylar. Not price clipped and NOT a library book. A fine devotional look at Irish pilgrimage and circular prayer in Celtic church and Iona. This book speaks with the stone of truth. Amazing traditions that only the devotion of a convert offers. This woman became an Irish Catholic and she wrote with the pen of devotion. Great photos, beehives hut anchorites hermits. Culdees. Aran Isles photos.. Much lore about 'Cursing stones' 'Holy Well stones ''deiseal' First American Edition Hardcover here with Jacket. For 35 years we wrap our Celtic studies first in brown paper to protect the covers on the book's journey.. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
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20 David D.Zink The Ancient Stones Speak A Journey To The World's Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites
Canada Musson 1979 1st Edition Paperback Fine 
Canada: Musson, 1979. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. Large Trade Paperback Collectible Near Fine Condition. B/W Photos One of the most interesting books on Astro-Archeology of Megalithic sites in Orkney, Hebrides, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodgar, New Grange before reconstruction, that is worth the price of the book alone and Tiahuanaco Peru, New England Mystery Hill (Old Photos) and Pacific sites. Combines alignments with a separate Psychic testimony. The psychic is separated and is a fascinating addition to the data. You do not have to believe it but it adds a dimension to sites that have sides we do not clearly see. The bearded tiahuanaco statues do look like Irish monk statues on White Island. Excellent First Edition. First Edition. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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21 David Gemmell Last Sword of Power The Stones of Power Book Two
U.S.A Del Rey 1996 1st Edition Paperback Very Good 
U.S.A: Del Rey, 1996. Book. Very Good. Mass Market Paperback. 1st Edition. 16mo - over 5" - 6" tall. Arthurian fantasy Uther Pendragon Mass Market Paperback.Very Good Clean Condition. First American Edition. Fast paced Arthurian fantasy set in dark Age Britain. Clean pages. First Edition. 
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22 David Petts The Early Medieval Church In Wales
Great Britain The History Press 2009 1st Edition Paperback Fine Color and B/W 
Great Britain: The History Press, 2009. Book. Illus. by Color and B/W. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine First Edition Collectible Condition Large Trade PaperBack history and study of Early Medieval and Medieval Wales. This explores the latest theories and dating in the Celtic Christian Archaeology of North and South Wales. Powys and Border Country Standing Stones Inscribed Stones Ogam Stones and stone Churches. Welsh illuminated Manuscripts usually overlooked for their Irish cousins, Metal work much more. Color Photos. Like new. Great Bibliography of latest books Three Geese In Flight Celtic studies wrapping first in brown paper to protect the book.. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 35.00 USD
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23 David Souden Stonehenge Revealed
New York Facts on File 1997 First American Edition Hardcover Fine Fine 
New York: Facts on File, 1997. Book. Fine. Hardcover. First American Edition. 4to - over 9" - 12" tall. Fine Large Hardcover with Fine Collectible Not Price Clipped Dust Jacket Wonderful large Color filled insightful look at Stonehenge construction that does not push one theory but presents all the theories. Great photos and drawings and philosophical discussions. No writing NOT a library book. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 20.53 USD
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24 Derek Bryce Symbolism of the Celtic Cross
York Beach, Maine, U.s.a. Red Wheel / Weiser 1995-11 087728850X / 9780877288503 Paperback Fine 
Fine Trade Paperback Clean 128 pp. B/W Illustrated Study of Celtic Mysticism hidden with the art of the Christian Cross. Pictish symbol stones Irish and Welsh Standing Stones. The World Tree Three Geese In Flight Celtic Books since 1977 
Price: 30.00 USD
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25 Dewi Bowen Ancient Siluria Its Old Stones And Ceremonial Sites
Wales Llanerch 1993 1st Edition Paperback Fine 
Wales: Llanerch, 1993. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall. Trade Paperback in Fine Condition. Clean Pages. NOT a library book B/W Illustrated drawings of Megalithic Standing Stones, Cairns, Stone circles. Guide to locations, uses, meanings, great for the modern traveler to ancient Bronze age Wales. Three Geese In Flight 35 years combining Celtic studies with Arthurian legend.. First Edition. 
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26 Donald L.Cyr "Chinese Visitors To King Arthur's Court" King Arthur's Crystal Cave
California Stonehenge Viewpoint 1997 First American Edition Paperback Very Good 
California: Stonehenge Viewpoint, 1997. Book. Very Good. Trade Paperback. First American Edition. 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. Trade Paperback.160pp. Illus.Photos.Very Good. Except for minimal shelf handling the book is clean tight and Very Good. Fascinating use of Arthur in Archaeometerology, the Hollow Earth and even in Arthurian Voyages and possible Chinese Voyagers,(Jesh it has elements of my novels) wild stuff. Non-Fiction however. Includes photos of megalithic stones, Chinese maps and much more.. First Edition. 
Price: 45.00 USD
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27 Donald M.Viles Frances Drake In The New World
Oregon Dancing Moon Press 2007 1st Edition Paperback Very Good Signed
Oregon: Dancing Moon Press, 2007. Book. Very Good. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 12mo - over 6 - 7" tall. First Edition Illustrated Trade Paperback Signed by Author's Daughter, If You have seen Curse of Oak Island this book will be a revelation. The discovery of a triangular shape stone and petroglyphs inscriptions on stones that lead to Elizabethan treasure on a possible site for Nova Albion. Photos and the survey symbols and Mason sighting marks as clues inscribed on the stone found here. Francis Drake No writing NOT a library book. First Edition. 
Price: 39.00 USD
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Matter Myth And Spirit Or Keltic And Hindu Links Original Hardcover, Dorothea Chaplin
28 Dorothea Chaplin Matter Myth And Spirit Or Keltic And Hindu Links Original Hardcover
England Rider And Company 1935 First English Edition Hardcover Fine Fine Mylared 
England: Rider And Company, 1935 First English Edition. Collectible Hardcover in Fine Clean Purple Hardcover With Fine Collectible Dust Jacket in Mylar protected jacket. NOT price clipped NOT a library book NO markings. Study of Celtic Mythology and Hindu mythology and Pictish symbols. Pictish symbol stones compared to Indian stones. Fire drill and Celtic symbols..Hindu's among Native Mayans. It has the old Samuel Weiser Occult book store sticker. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 85.00 USD
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29 Dr. Anne Ross A Traveller"s Guide to Celtic Britain
England HTI 1985 1st Edition Hardcover Fine Michael Cyprien 
England: HTI, 1985. Book. Illus. by Michael Cyprien. Fine. Hardcover. 1st Edition. Collectible Decorative Covered Hardcover In Fine Clean Condition. No Dust Jacket Issued By the Publisher. This book is excellent is so many way. First it is a travelers guide book with directions on how and where to visit the Druid sites, the Holy Wells of Celtic Saint and Triple Goddess. Celtic Hill forts and Pictish Symbol Stones, Scottish King sites, Hebrides Goddess sites Brigantia, the other thing is the author Anne Ross is easily one of the most knowledgeable and respected Archaeologists and author of the book on Celtic Stone Heads. Great book in every way. Like new NOT a library book First Edition Hardcover B/W Photos .. First Edition. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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30 E.O.James The Cult Of The Mother Goddess Hardcover
London: Thames and Hudson 1959 1st Edition Hardcover Good+ Good+ 
London:: Thames and Hudson, 1959. Book. Good+. Hardcover. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7 - 9" tall. Original First Edition Hardcover and Mylar Protected Red Dust Jacket. The Mother Goddess from Paleolithic times through the Neolithic and Standing Stones. Megalithic art and in the forms of the stones. Several underlines, no writing in text a few jacket chips but still quite good and binding tight. Hard to find in original hardcover with jacket. Very special book NOT a library copy. Since 1977 we wrap books first in brown paper. Dust jacket present. First Edition. 
Price: 45.00 USD
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