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Northern Voices Inuit Writings in English

By: Penny Petrone

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Toronto, University of Toronto Press: May 28, 1992

Seller ID: 006613

ISBN: 080207717X

Condition: Fine

Fine Trade Paperback.Clean pages NOT a library book.Canada: Univ of Toronto, 1992.Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo Brilliant anthology of historical essay, poetry, mythology polar bear, and stories by Inuit since first viewing the white man in the time of the Norse colonies and Colonial times. . First Edition. View more info

The Aptucxet Trading Post The First Trading Post Of The Plymouth Colony

By: Percival Hall Lombard

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Massachusetts, Bourne Historical Society: 1995

Edition: 4th Edition

Seller ID: 016879

Condition: Fine

Massachusetts: Bourne Historical Society, 1995. Book. Fine. Paperback. 4th Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine Clean Condition. Grey Academic Card Stock Covers B/W Photos 30pp. Archaeological and historical study of the first known trading post on the entrance to Cape Cod , The Plymouth colony interaction with Dutch New Netherlands and Algonquin. Wampum site. Very interesting and the possibilities are stimulating. Like new. View more info

From The Kunstkammer To The Museum Fur Volkerkunde: The Eventful History Of The Early North American Indian Collection In Berlin American Indian Art Magazine Vol.25 Number 2 Spring 2000

By: Peter Bolz and Ann Leslie Davis

Price: $25.00

Publisher: U.S.A., Americcan Indian Art Magazine: 2000

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 016339

Condition: Good+

U.S.A.: Americcan Indian Art Magazine, 2000. Book. Good+. Soft cover. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Complete Issue American Indian Art Magazine Vol.25 Number 2 Spring 2000 Five Essays of Native American Art Museum Collections. One essay being"From The Kunstkammer To The Museum Fur Volkerkunde: The Eventful History Of The Early North American Indian Collection In Berlin" by Peter Bolz and Ann Leslie Davis. Another is "Honoring The Past, Embracing The Future: Native American Art at Hallie Ford Museum Of Art, Williamette University" Rebecca J.Dobkins. More Navajo ... View more info

Native American Architecture

By: Peter; Easton, Robert Nabokov

Price: $85.00

Publisher: New York, Oxford University Press: 1988-12

Seller ID: 016738

ISBN: 0195037812

Condition: Very Good

Large Very Good+ Hardcover Very Good+ Collectible Dust Jacket Not Price Clipped NOT a library copy.U.S.A.: Oxford University Press, 1989. First Edition.429 pp. Extensive b/w Photo and B/W Drawing illustrated study of First Nation or Native American architecture. Every aspect of Tipi life Hogans and Pueblos from the plans to the ceremonies from original photos to now. The Longhouse both Six Nation and Tlingit. Many illus.Great clean very good shape.NO jacket chips. Since 1977 Three Geese In Flight wraps first in brown paper to protect dust jacket. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Lake Champlain Key To Liberty Hardcover

By: Ralph Nading Hill

Price: $29.00

Publisher: U.S.A, Vermont Life Magazine: 1981

Edition: Second U.S.Edition

Seller ID: 008241

Condition: Near Very Good

Near Very Good. Hardcover. Second U.S.Edition. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Hardcover Clean Condition. Great history of early Lake Champlain during the French and Indian war and the American Revolution. Ticonderoga, Crown Point, Algonquin and Iroquois Sacred sites on and in the lake! Many illus, maps Col & b/w Artifacts found there, crystal sacred arrowheads, much more. NOT a library book Great total picture of this cauldron of history. View more info

Ozark Superstitions Hardcover

By: Randolph, Vance

Price: $90.00

Publisher: New York, Columbia University Press: 1947

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: SKU1000033

Condition: Near Fine

Columbia University Press. Hardcover. Near Fine 1947 First Edition Hardcover and Near Fine Mylar Protected Dust Jacket. NOT a library copy Price clipped jacket NO chips rare to find this very important Arkansas, Missouri Appalachians American folklore Witchcraft and Herbal healing and Ghost lore study of the Ozarks in such clean awesome condition. Three Geese In Flight Specializing in Folklore since 1977 . Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Rooted Like the Ash Trees: New England Indians and the Land

By: Richard G.Carlson

Price: $25.00

Publisher: U.S.A., Eagle Wing: 1987

Edition: Second Revised Edittion

Seller ID: 015174

Condition: Very Good+

U.S.A.: Eagle Wing, 1987. Book. Very Good+. Trade Paperback. Second Revised Edittion. 4to - over 9¾ - 12" tall. Clean Very Good+ Tall Green Trade Paperback filled with essays by Native Abnacki, Mohegan, Micmac, Pequot academics and native speakers on everything from Narragansett women to Algonquin herbal lore to Pequot food to Land issue. Excellent clean condition. One of the best books on the lving New England Native tradition. View more info

The Most Extraordinary Adventures Of Major Robert Stobo Hardcover

By: Robert C.Alberts

Price: $21.31

Publisher: U.S.A., HMCO: 1965

Edition: Second American Edition

Seller ID: 011795

Condition: Very Good

U.S.A.: HMCO, 1965. Book. Very Good. Hardcover. Second American Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Very Good Hardcover and Very Good Mylar Protected Dust Jacket NOT price clipped. Clean pages NOT a library book. If you only read one first hand account of the French and Indian war, this might be a good choice. From Louisbourg and Ticonderoga to pirates and privateers, to Iroquois and Montcalm and Fort William and Henry! From Roger's Rangers to George Washington. B/W Illus. Very Good copy. We pack with care. Dust jacket present. View more info

Native American Place Names in New York City Hardcover

By: Robert Steven Grumet

Price: $39.00

Publisher: U.S.A., Museum of the City of New York: 1981

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 007266

Condition: Very Good

U.S.A.: Museum of the City of New York, 1981. Book. Very Good.79 pp Hardcover. First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Fine Hardcover No Dust Jacket issued by publisher. Clean Red Cloth. Inside clean. NOT a library book. Place name study and dictionary of the sacred Lenape Delaware Native American Indian place names of Colonial New York City. Map... First Edition. View more info

Farmers, Warriors, Traders: A Fresh Look At Ojibwa Women The American Indian Past and Present

By: Roger L.Nichols Edited Priscilla K.Buffalohead, Daniel K.Richter, James Axtell and William C.Sturtevant, James H.Merrell

Price: $29.00

Publisher: New York, Alfred A.Knopf: 1986

Edition: 3rd Edition

Seller ID: 016785

Condition: Very Good

New York: Alfred A.Knopf, 1986. Book. Very Good. Trade Paperback. 3rd Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Very Good Trade Paperback Clean Pages NOT a library copy Basic slight handling wear. Tight free of markings. Twenty four excellent essays on Native American history."War and Culture: The Iroquois Experience" Daniel K.Richter Essay on war ritual and the need for exorcism of violence with violence and adaption. Also "The Unkindest Cut Who Invented Scalping?" James Axtell and William C.Sturtevant"The Indians New World:The Catawba Experience" James H.Merrell. ... View more info

Dance the River Whale

By: Ron Mercier

Price: $15.00

Publisher: U.S.A, Deerbridge Books: 1999

Edition: First American Edition

Seller ID: 008861

ISBN: 0966852702

Condition: Fine

U.S.A: Deerbridge Books, 1999. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. First American Edition. Fine Trade Paperback. Beautiful Cover Painting of a 'Wise Woman' and a whale 'Spirit Guide' reflects this novel about a man's self discovery of his Mohawk roots thru a Wise woman spirit guide! 251pp. Clean NOT a library book. Great gift. First Edition. View more info

Stories From The Six Worlds Micmac Legends Hardcover

By: Ruth Holmes Whitehead

Price: $21.85

Publisher: Nova Scotia, Nimbus,: 1988

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 013236

Condition: Fine

Nova Scotia: Nimbus,, 1988. Book. Fine. Hardcover. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Fine First Canadian Edition Hardcover and Fine Mylar Protected Collectible Dust Jacket. Not Price clipped. Serious study of Kluskap and the mythological world of the Algonquin speaking Micmac people of the Maritime. Here with native illustrations. Hardcover First Edition. Great condition both book and dust jacket with mylar jacket. Hard to find in hardcover. NOT a library book. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Six Micmac Stories (Peeper)

By: Ruth Holmes Whitehead

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nimbus Publishing: 1989-01

Seller ID: 016000

ISBN: 0919680356

Condition: Fine

Fine Trade Paperback Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia Museum, 1989. Illustrated Harold McGee Clean 51 Pages free of underlines or writing. Six Micmac traditional stories, such as 'Kaqukwasi's Son of the Thunders' and 'The Child From Beneath the Earth" Four more, Introduction, bibliography. B/W supernatural drawings in native style. Fine condition.. View more info

Dictionary Of Native American Mythology Hardcover

By: Sam D. Gill Irene F. Sullvan

Price: $75.00

Publisher: U.S.A., ABC-CLIO: 1992

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 008719

Condition: Near Fine

Near Fine Hardcover Near Fine Collectible NOT Clipped Dust Jacket 1st Edition. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall Clean Bright NOT a library book. This large 417 pp. Comprehensive encyclopedic study of the Gods and Goddess, the Native American rituals Gods, Goddess, Sky Beings, Little People, Thunderers, Horned Serpents Witchcraft beliefs, the rituals, and the native shamans of the Native Americans is an awesome achievement. NOT a library book.Very large tight hardcover Wonderful illustrations First Edition Numbers beginning with "1" Most importantly respect for the subject. Three G... View more info

From Lochnaw to Manitoulin A Highland Soldier's Tour Through Upper Canada

By: Scott A. McLean

Price: $30.00

Publisher: Canada, Natural Heritage Inc: 1999

Edition: First Canadian Edition

Seller ID: 009074

Condition: Fine

Canada: Natural Heritage Inc, 1999. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. First Canadian Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Fine Clean Trade Paperback. NOT a library copy. First Printing Of this regimental journal of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders in nineteenth century in 1830's Canada among the Native Americans. He was at Battle of New Orleans. Drawings. Illustrations. Simply wonderful living history document. Clean free of marking or underlines. First Edition. View more info

The Mohican World, 1680-1750

By: Shirley W. Dunn

Price: $48.00

Publisher: Fleischmann's, Ny, Purple Mountain Pr Ltd: 2000-10-01

Seller ID: 017233

ISBN: 193009812X

Condition: Fine

Fine Clean First Edition NOT a library copy. Fleischmanns: Purple Mountain Press, 2000. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Maps Excellent comprehensive study of the Algonquin nation on the upper Hudson Valley. The French and Indian War, interaction with Dutch and Mohawk Clean . First Edition. View more info

Films on Indians and Inuit of North America 1965-1978 Films Sur Les Indiens et Les Inuit De L'Amerique Du Nord 1965-1978

By: Stephen J. Rothwell Alex Redcrow

Price: $23.00

Publisher: Canada, Indian and Inuit Affairs Program: 1978

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 010557

Condition: Good

Canada: Indian and Inuit Affairs Program, 1978. Book. Good. Trade Paperback. First Edition. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Large Trade Paperback. Good, light Wear,Small Creases tight. No writing or underlines. First Canadian Edition. Dual Language. English and French 255 pages of films on or by native Americans of the United States and Canada. Eskimo Inuit Animation, documentaries, features. rare resource with list of distributors. What film festival this would be. List of Native on and By Natives in America and Canada! Thick clean no writing inside just shelf wear. NOT a library book. ... View more info

Dakota Grammar Texts And Ethnography Contributions to North American Ethnology Volume IX Original 1893 Hardcover

By: Stephen Return Riggs

Price: $65.00

Publisher: Washington D.C., Department of the Interior: 1893

Edition: First American Edition

Seller ID: 010287

Condition: Good+

Washington D.C.: Department of the Interior, 1893. Book. Good+. Hardcover. First American Edition. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Original 1893 Hardcover. NOT a library copy Large Original Copy, Complete grammar of the Dakota language. Also known incorrectly as the "Sioux'. Besides the language and grammatical study, includes a bi-lingual mythology. Some age fading on the hardcovers and spine, light fraying and rub wear at the edges. But complete and binding tight and still very nice Good+ working copy of an edition of the language of the American elders. Clean pages. Large book extra... View more info

NEARA JOURNAL Volume 41 Number 2 Winter 2007 Native American Turtle Effigy mounds in stone.

By: Suzanne Carlson James L.Guthrie Norman Muller Rob Carter

Price: $22.00

Publisher: U. S. A., New England Antiquities Research Association: 2007

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 016199

Condition: Fine

U. S. A.: New England Antiquities Research Association, 2007. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine Complete Original Issue Stiff Gray Academic Card Stock Covers 48pp. B/W Photo and Maps. Thought Provoking Journal Essays in this issue range from "Frederick J. Pohl At Follins Pond" The Henry Sinclair Stone and "The Montville Souterrain" A Cornish Fogou like stone chamber. Native American Turtle Effigy mounds in stone."Radiocarbon Dating Of The Newport Tower" Much more. Not a library book. Clean . Dust jacket present. First Edition... View more info

Purple Ironweed A Canadian Legacy of Tales and Legends Includes Ironwood Addendum and Seperate Maps

By: Sylvia Raff

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Ontario, Vesta Publications: 1984

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 011087

Condition: Very Good

Ontario: Vesta Publications, 1984. Book. Very Good. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Clean First Canadian Edition.Very Good Small Press Collection of Stories, Folklore, Wonder Tales collected by the author in the "Cote Nord" region of Quebec during the pioneer days. Great folklore whaling, Montagnais Indian tales, orally remembered battles b/w illus. Plus Separate Addenda in Envelope of Maps of Saint Lawrence Cote Nord region , photos, drawings. NOT a library copy. First Edition. View more info

Wampum Belts by Tehanetorens (Iroqrafts Iroquois Reprints)

By: Tehanetorens

Price: $14.00

Publisher: Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada, Iroquios Publications: 1993

Seller ID: 016542

ISBN: 0919645070

Condition: Good

Good Trade Paperbacks Revised Edition with extra material. Clean pages NOT a library copy. Tight binding. However the rear cover has a very large rub with loss to the exterior of the paper. The shiny part of the white has rubbed off over a five inch patch. It does not affect book or come through, text, or binding just looks Canada: Iroqrafts, 1983. Book. Good. Trade Paperback. 2nd Edition. 8vo. . Here are the original treaty wampum with the original thirteen colonies with the Lords of the Five Nations. Pages clean free of writing. View more info

Image for Sea Routes to Polynesia  American Indians And Early Asiatics In The Pacific

Sea Routes to Polynesia American Indians And Early Asiatics In The Pacific

By: Thor Heyerdahl

Price: $50.00

Publisher: London, George Allen And Unwin: 1968

Edition: First English Edition

Seller ID: 66758

Condition: Very Good

First English Edition hardcover and Dust Jacket Without Chips. Library copy First English Edition 1968 NO pocket NO numbers on spine remover 231 pp B/W Photos this Norwegian pioneered recreating pre- Colombian and American Indian seafaring! Here in the 1960 s he recreated to show how Peruvian Incas sailed west from California and all Pacific points west to Polynesia!! Many compelling b/w photos Inca Gods have same profiles as Easter Island. Great book Very hard to find. See photo. Wrapping with care since 1977 First Edition. View more info

Winter of the Black Weasel

By: Tom Dawe

Price: $27.00

Publisher: Newfoundland, Breakwater Press: 1988

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 015836

Condition: Fine

Newfoundland: Breakwater Press, 1988. Book. Illus. by Anne MacLeod. Fine. Decorative Hard Cover. 1st Edition. 4to - over 9¾ - 12" tall. Large Quarto Decorative Hardcover Color Illustrated Anne MacLeod Cautionary Native Magic tale of Micmac and Red Indians (Beotuck) of Newfoundland Tale of their friendship and their quarrel told in a metaphysical struggle of a witch. Amazing color art telling tale (Great Angular Micmac Canoe) Clean and Not a library book! Published in Newfoundland. First Edition. View more info

Indian Affairs in Colonial New York:The Seventeenth Century Hardcover

By: Trelease, Allen W,

Price: $39.00

Publisher: U.S.A, Cornell Univ Press: 1960

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 6542

Condition: Very Good

Original First Edition Blue Cornell Univ Press Hardcover Silver Spine Lettering Bright. NO writing in text No Dust Jacket. English Manchester University book plate Pocket removed. Small numbers on spine else tight binding free of inscriptions. Very important study of both the Six Nations and the Delaware Lenape and Wappinger, and Mahican Algonquins fur trade and inter nation treaties and battles. The first classic academic study of New York Native history and there interaction. Since 1977 we wrap first in brown paper before packing First Edition. View more info

Legends in Stone, Bone and Wood Tsonakwa and Yolaikia

By: Tsonakwa and Yolaikia

Price: $39.00

Publisher: U. S. A., Arts & Learning Services Foundation: 1986

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 6591

Condition: Very Good+

Very Good+ Abenaki Contemporary Artists Tsonakwa and Yolaikia, tell their Algonquin Lore in Masks and Art Here in Color and words Great shape NOT a library copy 63 pp. Color and B/W Photos and text "Kuloscap and Ice Giants" Coyote" Three Geese in Flight Since 1977 specializing in Native American and Celtic and Norse myth wrapped well. First Edition. View more info

Man In The Northeast Number15 & 16 1978 Double Issue

By: Vincent O.Erickson and Lisa A.Fagan

Price: $24.58

Publisher: USA, Man In The Northeast: 1978

Edition: First American Edition

Seller ID: 013276

Condition: Very Good

USA: Man In The Northeast, 1978. Book. Very Good. Trade Paperback. First American Edition. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Large Red Academic Paperback Very Good Clean Condition. NOT a library copy. Very Light wear at bottom of paper spine. This is two issues published in one volume. Red card stock binding 153pp, An essay on Micmac witchcraft "Micmac Buoin Three Centuries of Cultural and Semantic." Comparisons with Scottish Witchcraft beliefs in Nova Scotia as well. Other essays on Archeology and folklore in the eastern Woodland native culture. Also New Jersey Native American anci... View more info

Legends Of The Mississaugas With Eleven Full Page Color Illustrations Saul Mamakeesick

By: W.Gordon Mills

Price: $25.00

Publisher: U. S. A., Altona Editons: 1992

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 012763

Condition: Very Good

U. S. A.: Altona Editons, 1992. Book. Illus. by Saul Mamakeesick. Very Good. Illustrated Card Covers. First Thus. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Very Good+ Clean Wonderful Collection of myth from the Ojibwas Mississauga people. Collected a century ago. Included is native American Cree/Ojibwa artist paintings of these myths in full Color Illus. Saul Mamakeesick 47pp. Tall hard card covers in this quarto sized book. No writing. NOT a library copy. Stunning color paintings capture the essence of the stories.Bibliography. 'Serpent people' reflects the battles in 17th century with the Iroquois... View more info

A Voyage Of Discovery To the Southern Parts Of Norumbega Including the Places Names Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard And The Elizabeth Islands

By: Warner F. Gookin

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Edgartown, Massachusetts, Dukes Counry Historical Society: 1950

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 6518

Condition: Very Good+

Very Good+ Clean 20 pp. Card stock Covers First Edition Printed and Published in Martha's Vineyard Norumbega the ancient New England. here are translations on Norumbega from explorer Bartholomew Gosnold and 1602 a section of "Archer's Relation" reference to Algonquin dressed in Irish style "Trews" More Map of the Vineyard. Important to explore Precolumbian Irish and Viking Norumbega! Original 1950 publication of the Dukes County Historical Society. Clean free of writing. NOT a library copy only a ink stain on top of front cover else fine. Hard to find Since 1977 Five Star Custo... View more info

Our Knowledge Is Not Primitive: Decolonizing Botanical Anishinaabe Teachings (The Iroquois and Their Neighbors)

By: Wendy Geniusz

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Syracuse, Ny, Syracuse University Press: 2009-07

Seller ID: 015018

ISBN: 0815632045

Condition: Fine

Collectible Fine Hardcover with Fine Dust Jacket First American Edition. 8vo.NOT a library copy. Excellent Clean condition inside and out and as is Dust Jacket.B/W Drawing of Anishinaabe medicinal plants and traditional healing mats. Great study of the herbal texts that have come before as well as now. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

The Canadian Frontier 1534-1760

By: William J. Eccles

Price: $39.00

Publisher: Holt Rinehart Winston: 1969

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 874716899

ISBN: 0826307051

Condition: Fine

First Edition Hardcover Fine Clean Hardcover Near Fine Dust jacket. Clean 233 pp. Maps Tight binding Jacket price snipped and tiny chip at leading edge. From the earliest North American explorers to the Jesuits and hidden templar related orders in Montreal to the Mohawk and french and Algonquin wars. This fine history told from the Canadian perspective screams out for popcorn. Great copy too Wrapping with care since 1977 Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info