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The Celtic Peoples And Renaissance Europe A Study of the Celtic and Spanish Influences on Elizabethan History Original 1933 Hardcover

By: David Mathew

Price: $47.00

Publisher: England, Sheed & Ward: 1933

Edition: First English Edition

Seller ID: 66716

Condition: Good+

First Edition Original 1933 Red Hardcover 525 pp. Good + Clean Pages No Writing tight binding but cocked forward a little. Shelf wear Pretty clean ex- library. No pocket only slight remains and faded spine numbers. No jacket if it ever had one. From Scottish Central Library Edinburgh Book plate. Amazing study divided into all the Celtic language speaking peoples from Ireland to Cornwall to Scotland to Wales and Catholic Spanish involvement in their Elizabethan historical interplay. Chapters i.e. 'The Welsh Aspects of the Essex Rising"The Cornish and Welsh Pirates in the West Indies"... View more info

King Arthur's Realm A History of the Kingdom of Cornwall Hardcover

By: David P.Riley

Price: $85.00

Publisher: Devon, Arthur H.Stockwell: 2004

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 016607

Condition: Fine

Devon: Arthur H.Stockwell, 2004. Book. Fine. Hardcover. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine First Edition Hardcover and Fine Collectible Dust Jacket Clean pages NOT a library copy. A fresh take on the historical Arthur and dares to take the traditional take of the Cornish and Welsh people on King Arthur. The tribal make up of the Dumnonian southwest and the Cornish Saints are interwoven with the historic Arthur at Cadbury and Geraint at Llongborth. Also the Medieval and Tudor history of Cornwall and Devon is examined along with the Celtic language. Excellent Since 1977 we pack wi... View more info

The Early Medieval Church In Wales

By: David Petts

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Great Britain, The History Press: 2009

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 016207

Condition: Fine

Great Britain: The History Press, 2009. Book. Illus. by Color and B/W. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine First Edition Collectible Condition Large Trade PaperBack history and study of Early Medieval and Medieval Wales. This explores the latest theories and dating in the Celtic Christian Archaeology of North and South Wales. Powys and Border Country Standing Stones Inscribed Stones Ogam Stones and stone Churches. Welsh illuminated Manuscripts usually overlooked for their Irish cousins, Metal work much more. Color Photos. Like new. Great Bibliography of... View more info

Cassell Dictionary of Supersitions

By: David Pickering

Price: $24.00

Publisher: London, Dummy Book Co: 1998

Seller ID: 007666

ISBN: 1860198406

Condition: Fine

Fine Hardcover Fine-Dust Jacket -England: Brockhampton Press, 1998. First Edition. 8vo . Excellent Dictionary Of Superstition and Folklore.All the things people do and do not know what is behind it. NOT a library copy Clean pages, tight binding. Handy reference work for one's home mythology library. Since 1977 we wrap with care. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Celts and the Classical World

By: David Rankin

Price: $35.00

Publisher: London, Routledge: October 21, 1996

Seller ID: 66851

ISBN: 0415150906

Condition: Fine

Fine Collectible Condition First Trade Paperback in Pristine Condition 326 pp.NOT a library copy. Excellent study in contrast between the Greek and Roman Classical Tradition and The Celtic Bardic and Druidic. Excellent in linguistics and historical interactions. Seriou and very readable Like new and not the reprint either. We wrap in paper first to protect your jacket Celtic books since 1977 First Edition. View more info

Stonehenge Revealed

By: David Souden

Price: $20.53

Publisher: New York, Facts on File: 1997

Edition: First American Edition

Seller ID: 012163

Condition: Fine

New York: Facts on File, 1997. Book. Fine. Hardcover. First American Edition. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Fine Large Hardcover with Fine Collectible Not Price Clipped Dust Jacket Wonderful large Color filled insightful look at Stonehenge construction that does not push one theory but presents all the theories. Great photos and drawings and philosophical discussions. No writing NOT a library book. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

History of Wales 1485-1931 Hardcover

By: David Williams

Price: $18.00

Publisher: London, John Murray: 1948

Edition: Second Edition

Seller ID: 008720

Condition: Good+

London: John Murray, 1948. Book. Good+. Hardcover. Second Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. This hardcover little history of Wales tells it's history from a Welsh perspective from Tudor Wales to the attempt by England to destroy "Welsh' in it's Blue Books" Red dragon on cover, fading on spine and some soiling on rear cover. Else good tight binding, pages clean and free of markings. NOT a library copy. View more info

Patterns of Power in Early Wales (Hardback)

By: Davies, Wendy

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Oxford, Clarendon Press: 1990

Seller ID: 66868

ISBN: 0198201532

Condition: Fine

Collectible Fine First Edition Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket Intacy Jacket NOT a library copy. Clean 102 pp. No writing at all Mysterious figure holding rods of power on tenth- century stone slab at Llandyfaelog on Jacket cover.From the Welsh resistance to Saxons under Urien and his son to the Welsh Viking wars by a fine scholar of Charters and source material. Three Geese In Flight Celtic studies since 1977 wrapped to protect dust jacket Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

The Sacred Isle Pre-Christian Religions in Ireland

By: Dáithí O hOgain; Daithi O'Hogain

Price: $65.00

Publisher: Woodbridge, Boydell Press: April 22, 1999

Seller ID: 015998

ISBN: 0851157475

Condition: Fine

Fine Hardcover with Fine Collectible Dust Jacket Boydell Press, 1999. First Edition. 8vo. Collectible Not Price Clipped and NOT a library book. Clean Pages. Photo of Two sided stone pre-Christian Celtic head. This fine Irish scholar and poet does what few achieve. He balances poetic understanding with linguistic knowledge. Fine First Edition Hardcover and Dust Jacket. Three Geese in Flight Celtic Books Since 1977 packing with care. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

An Introduction To Celtic Coins

By: Derek Allen

Price: $26.00

Publisher: England, Colonade: 1987

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 006225

Condition: Fine

England: Colonade, 1987. Book. Illus. by Illustrated by b/w Photos. Fine. Trade Paperback. First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Fine Trade Paperback Clean pages no marks B/W Illus. Photos. Study and illustrated gazetteer of early Celtic tribal coins Some of the abstract Celtic design based on Greek naturalistic models. Window into Druidic thought in these Celtic designs. Regni, Atrebates, Dobunni, Iceni, just a few of the Celtic tribal coins etc. One of the few ways to see int Celtic consciousness is these coins, Clear photos of the abstract Celtic design that captures the essen... View more info

Symbolism of the Celtic Cross

By: Derek Bryce

Price: $30.00

Publisher: York Beach, Maine, U.s.a., Red Wheel / Weiser: 1995-11

Seller ID: 66839

ISBN: 087728850X

Condition: Fine

Fine Trade Paperback Clean 128 pp. B/W Illustrated Study of Celtic Mysticism hidden with the art of the Christian Cross. Pictish symbol stones Irish and Welsh Standing Stones. The World Tree Three Geese In Flight Celtic Books since 1977 View more info

Henry and Katharine Jenner A Celebration of Cornwall's Culture Language and Identity

By: Derek R Williams

Price: $39.00

Publisher: London, Francis Boutle Publishers: 2004

Seller ID: 671

ISBN: 1903427193

Condition: Fine

Fine Collectible Condition B/W Illus Clean 267 pp.No Writing in text NOT a library copy. Fourteen Full Cornish Essays by and about Henry and Katharine Jenner who worked to reinvigorate the Celtic Brythonic Cornish language. Here are writings on the Druidic Bardic Gorsedd and Joseph of Arimathea Folklore, Cornisj language studies and pieces on the Jenners as well as poetry by them. B/W Illus. Henry Jenners wrote very compelling pieces of the Cornish place names on King Arthur as well as Tintagel, Castle Dinas, hillfort associations as well. We wrap in brown paper since 1977 before packing to p... View more info

An Epic Tudor Journey John Leland's Itinerary of Northern Wales

By: Derek Williams John Leland

Price: $27.00

Publisher: Wales, Llygad Gwalch: 2008

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 017096

Condition: Fine

Wales: Llygad Gwalch, 2008. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine B/W Photo Filled Study With Modern English Excerpts From John Leland's journey to gather antiquities from monasteries, and castles of Tudor North Wales. John Leland was a believer and champion of the historical King Arthur and its ideals and hoped to find evidence. Here is a fascinating photo filled little gem of Gwynedd. NOT a library copy.. First Edition. View more info

Notes On the Scottish Entries In The Early Irish Annals Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol. XI Part II September 1968

By: Derick S. Thomson Edited John Bannerman, Derick S. Thomson, Hugh Barron

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Scotland, University of Aberdeen: 1968

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 6606

Condition: Near Fine

Near Fine Clean Complete Original 124 pp.Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol. XI Part II September 1968 Six essays including "Notes On the Scottish Entries In The Early Irish Annals" by Dalriada scholar John Bannerman and "Unpublished Letters by the Poet Ewan MacLachlan plus more Clean NOT a library copy Three Geese In Flight Celtic studies since 1977 wrapped well. First Edition. View more info

Scottish Gaelic Studies Vol.XI. PART. I December 1966 The Convention Of Druim Cett John Bannerman

By: Derrick S.Thomson Edited John Bannerman, John MacInnes, Norman MacDonald, Ian Grimble

Price: $29.00

Publisher: Aberdeen, Scotland, University Of Aberdeen: 1966

Edition: First Scottish Edition

Seller ID: 6601

Condition: Very Good

Very Good Clean First 1966 Scottish Edition Tight NO Writing NOT a library copy 145 pp. Tight, Clean NOT a Library copy. A little silver Celtic 'Finedruin' on rear cover. A few small pieces of silver foil like material on rear cover. Very nice clean text..Eight Scottish Gaelic and Celtic Study essays."The Convention Of Druim Cett" John Bannerman the Dalriada scholar examines the convention that almost ended the Bardic order even before the Saxon's did. Also "Some rare Hebridean Gaelic Words and Phrases" Norman MacDonald "Gaelic Songs of Mary Macleod" John MacInnes, "... View more info

Ancient Siluria Its Old Stones And Ceremonial Sites

By: Dewi Bowen

Price: $22.00

Publisher: Wales, Llanerch: 1993

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 015407

Condition: Fine

Wales: Llanerch, 1993. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Trade Paperback in Fine Condition. Clean Pages. NOT a library book B/W Illustrated drawings of Megalithic Standing Stones, Cairns, Stone circles. Guide to locations, uses, meanings, great for the modern traveler to ancient Bronze age Wales. Three Geese In Flight 35 years combining Celtic studies with Arthurian legend.. First Edition. View more info

A Clwyd Anthology

By: Dewi Roberts Edited Ellis Peters Glenda Beagan A.A.Gill John Williams

Price: $28.00

Publisher: Wales, Seren: 1995

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 014790

Condition: Fine

Wales: Seren, 1995. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. FineTrade Paperback Published in Wales A gold mine collection of dozens of Welsh May day celebration, love trysts, typography,Witches, The Battle of Cinder Hill, A Winter Journey" Even the author of Rip Van Winkle, Washington Irving's tour of Wales and his comments of the language and how prevalent it was and on seeing Witches! So much here. Wonderful anthology. Great condition. NOT a library copy.First Welsh Edition Clean inside and out.. First Edition. View more info

Secret of the Bards of the Isle of Britain

By: Dillwyn Miles

Price: $59.00

Publisher: Dyfed, Dinefwr Publishers Ltd: 1992

Seller ID: 66712

ISBN: 0951992600

Condition: Fine

Fine Collectible Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket NOT an Institution copy Clean 248 pages. B/W Photos and Illus. Gilt spine titles. Published and handsomely printed in Wales..History of the Gorsedd from Iolo Morganwg and fragments of Druidic memory and the National Eisteddfod of Wales. Excellent history by someone who knows. Fantastic illus from secret languages to clothing, to previous Gorsedds. Pristine condition.. Three Geese In Flight Celtic studies since 1977 wrapping to protect dust your jacket with outstanding customer service . Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Image for Gaelic Pioneers Of Christianity The Work and Influence of Irish Monks and Saints in Continental Europe (VI-XIIth Cent.)

Gaelic Pioneers Of Christianity The Work and Influence of Irish Monks and Saints in Continental Europe (VI-XIIth Cent.)

By: Dom Louis Gougaud

Price: $69.00

Publisher: Dublin, M.H. Gill And Son: 1923

Edition: First Irish Edition

Seller ID: 66740

Condition: Very Good+

First English Language Hardcover Edition Original Handsome Very Good+ Near Fine Purple Cloth Gilt Tiles on Spine Clean 166 pp. Free of Writing NO underlines Tight binding Handsome Medieval bookplate with the Seal of Manchester Public Library Very small faded library circle on spine looks part of binding. Translated from French classic study of Celtic Saints work among the early Medieval Franks and Goths. The early Celtic Church was seriously influenced by Hebrew Syrian Christianity their love of Apocrypha and Hebrew Psalms and Lunar calendar similarities made this tribal faith of family appeal... View more info

Ireland the Great The Irish Discovery Of North America

By: Don Carleton

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Bristol, Goldneybooks: 2004

Seller ID: 016685

ISBN: 0954809025

Condition: Very Good

2005. Book. Very Good+. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. First Edition Collectible Trade Paperback. Very Good Clean pages NOT a library copy, small crease on corner cover no writing inside. No bookplates NO writing. Excellent academic chapter on similar irish clothing with Native American and the use of Inauguration trees and hill top sacred enclosures.A lot of thought here. Footnotes,Curraghs and coracles bibliography. Well researched and serious not sensationalist.Since 1977 we wrap with care.. First Edition. View more info

Poems From Ireland The Irish Times 1944 Hardcover

By: Donagh MacDonagh Edited

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Dublin, 1944

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 636

Condition: Fair+

First Edition 1944 Hardcover Published by the Dublin Times Fair+ Reading copy 91 pp. Pages clean but much of leather spine chipped away. Boards loose but attached.Title on cover clear. NOT a library copy. A fine reading copy only anthology of Anglo-Irish poetry from the heart of the men and women of 1940's Ireland. No writing in book First Edition. View more info

Scotland The Ancient Kingdom Hardcover

By: Donald A. Mackenzie

Price: $35.19

Publisher: Londin, Blackie & Son: 1930

Edition: First Edition First Printing

Seller ID: 006318

Condition: Very Good

Londin: Blackie & Son, 1930. Book. Illus. by Map. Very Good. Hardcover. First Edition First Printing. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Original 1930 Very Good+ Thick Hardcover Clean Inside and Out. NOT a library book.From the ancient Picts to Wallace and Bruce. This history written in passionate and knowing manner by a great Scottish writer covers aspects of Scottish history often overlooked. Such as the absorption of the Welsh in what is now lowland Scotland. Celtic social. Druidic and spiritual life and customs, great thick book. Map of ancient Scotland in folder in the back of book. First Ed... View more info

Modern Scottish Gaelic Poems Nua -Bhardachd Ghaidhlig

By: Donald Macaulay

Price: $27.00

Publisher: New York,, New Directions Publishing Corporation: May 1977

Edition: First American Edition

Seller ID: 011081

ISBN: 0811206319

Condition: Very Good

Very Good Hardcover Very Good Dust Jacket U.S.A: New Directions, 1977..8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. First American Edition Clean Hardcover and Dust Jacket, English-Scottish Gaelic facing page. Real modern Scottish Gaelic poetry from as assortment of master Poets. English one side Gaelic facing. 220 pp. So good this! "To A Bonny Birch Tree" Great condition too except for one small rub on back of price clipped dust jacket. NO underlines or markings.Hardcover with dust jacket. NOT a library copy. The poetry in here, hears hiding the birds hiding in the twigs Three Geese in Fli... View more info

History Of Ireland By Standish O'Grady Volume I The Heroic Period and Cuculain And His Contemporaries Hardcover

By: Donald McNamara Edited Standish O'Grady

Price: $65.00

Publisher: California, Maunsel: 2011

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 015723

Condition: Fine

California: Maunsel, 2011. Book. Fine. Hardcover. First Thus. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine Collectible Condition Purple Cloth With Black Title Patch on Spine and Front Cover. Gilt titling. NOT a library copy. It would be hard to over state the importance this book had on the generation that created the Celtic Twilight and the Irish 1916 rebellion. From Yeats to A.E. to Ella Young, She mentions it in Flowering Dusk' The Tuatha De Dannan and Cuculain The Hound of Ulster live again here. . First Edition. View more info

Nuit celtique (la)

By: Donatien Laurent

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Brittany, Presses Universitaires De Rennes: 1997

Seller ID: 010335

ISBN: 2843620023

Condition: Fine

Fine Collectible Condition Trade Paperback Brittany: Presses Universitaires De Rennes, 1997. Book. Fine.Clean 252 pp. Trade Paperback. Essays on Breton Celtic culture with a anthology of extracts of many known and little known Breton texts in French and Breton. Fine clean condition Barzaz-Breiz Clean free of markings French language NOT a library copy. View more info

Ireland: The Rock Whence I Was Hewn Hardcover

By: Donn Byrne.

Price: $21.31

Publisher: Boston, Little, Brown, And Company: 1929

Edition: First American Edition

Seller ID: 542

Condition: Very Good

Boston: Little, Brown, And Company, 1929. Book. Very Good. Hardcover. First American Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Green Original Cloth. First American Edition Very Good clean shape. B/W photos of Megaliths, chapels, thatched cottages, fishermen. The pictures are a window into an older Ireland you can still see bits of. Here you see before. One of the best early travel writing to Ireland. Not much better since! NOT a library book. First Edition. View more info

Bethu Brigte (Irish Literature - Prose)

By: Donncha O'hAodha

Price: $39.00

Publisher: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies: 1978

Seller ID: 874716887

ISBN: 1855001020

Condition: Very Good+

Very Good+ Hardcover First Irish Edition Clean 91 Pages NO Writing anywhere NOT a library copy. Except for a little cover soiling Near Fine. Irish and English translation with notes grammar and introduction.. Here is at once both an ancient Celtic Goddess and a beloved living Saint to all the Celtic speaking peoples and whose Holy Wells abound and heal. Three Geese in Flight passionate about customer service since 1977 First Edition. View more info

Cultural Identity And Cultural Integration Ireland and Europe in the Early Middle Ages

By: Doris Edel (Editor)

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Ireland, Four Courts Press: 2005

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 013400

Condition: Near Fine

Ireland: Four Courts Press, 2005. Book. Near Fine. Hardcover. First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Fine First Edition Hardcover Clean Pages NOT a library copy. No Jacket ever Issued By Publisher. No writing. A little shelf handling else Fine. Gilt titles and gilt Druid design on cover like new. Eleven Celtic studies essays. "Celtic Religion" by Miranda Green, Pre Christian Druidism examined beneath the surface of the words in "Native Elements In Irish Pseudo history" John Carey, Marina Smyth "The Earliest Written Evidence for an Irish view of the World" ... View more info

Folk-Tales Of The Channel Islands Hardcover

By: Dorothy K.Collings Foreward The Dame Of Sark

Price: $25.00

Publisher: England, Harrap: 1955

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 013914

Condition: Very Good

England: Harrap, 1955. Book. Illus. by Peggy Fortnum. Very Good. Hardcover. First Edition. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall. Very Good Original 1955 Hardcover with Good+ Mylar Protected Dust Jacket No writing or underlines. One of the best collections of Channel Island folktales about the Fairies and the Megalithic Otherworld doors. B/W Peggy Fortnum winsome illustrations Very good shape except front blank end paper gone and some dust jacket chips in front and l back of jacket. Still Very nice and tight in it's bright mylar jacket.Clean interior NOT a library copy. Wonderful book told as ... View more info

The Religious Songs Of Connacht A Collection Of Poems, Stories , Prayers, Satires, Ranns, Charms Part V Chapter VII

By: Douglas Hyde

Price: $49.00

Publisher: Dublin, M.h.Gill & Son: 1906

Edition: First Irish Edition

Seller ID: 014838

Condition: Good

Dublin: M.h.Gill & Son, 1906. Book. Good. Trade Paperback.Original First Irish Edition of Part V in this collection Of Irish Gaelic Prayers,Spells,Charms collected in the west of Ireland by Douglas Hyde. 105 pp.Good condition.Small chip at top and bottom of paper spine.Small. Clean inside except for a little age spots. A bit like an Irish version of the Scottish Carmina Gadelica. First Irish Edition Gaelic one side English translation facing. Even a Gaelic spell for a toothache! 36 years selling Celtic studies. We wrap first in paper then bubble. First Edition. View more info