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King Arthur's Realm A History of the Kingdom of Cornwall Hardcover

By: David P.Riley

Price: $85.00

Publisher: Devon, Arthur H.Stockwell: 2004

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 016607

Condition: Fine

Devon: Arthur H.Stockwell, 2004. Book. Fine. Hardcover. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine First Edition Hardcover and Fine Collectible Dust Jacket Clean pages NOT a library copy. A fresh take on the historical Arthur and dares to take the traditional take of the Cornish and Welsh people on King Arthur. The tribal make up of the Dumnonian southwest and the Cornish Saints are interwoven with the historic Arthur at Cadbury and Geraint at Llongborth. Also the Medieval and Tudor history of Cornwall and Devon is examined along with the Celtic language. Excellent Since 1977 we pack wi... View more info

Henry and Katharine Jenner A Celebration of Cornwall's Culture Language and Identity

By: Derek R Williams

Price: $39.00

Publisher: London, Francis Boutle Publishers: 2004

Seller ID: 671

ISBN: 1903427193

Condition: Fine

Fine Collectible Condition B/W Illus Clean 267 pp.No Writing in text NOT a library copy. Fourteen Full Cornish Essays by and about Henry and Katharine Jenner who worked to reinvigorate the Celtic Brythonic Cornish language. Here are writings on the Druidic Bardic Gorsedd and Joseph of Arimathea Folklore, Cornisj language studies and pieces on the Jenners as well as poetry by them. B/W Illus. Henry Jenners wrote very compelling pieces of the Cornish place names on King Arthur as well as Tintagel, Castle Dinas, hillfort associations as well. We wrap in brown paper since 1977 before packing to p... View more info

Secret of the Bards of the Isle of Britain

By: Dillwyn Miles

Price: $59.00

Publisher: Dyfed, Dinefwr Publishers Ltd: 1992

Seller ID: 66712

ISBN: 0951992600

Condition: Fine

Fine Collectible Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket NOT an Institution copy Clean 248 pages. B/W Photos and Illus. Gilt spine titles. Published and handsomely printed in Wales..History of the Gorsedd from Iolo Morganwg and fragments of Druidic memory and the National Eisteddfod of Wales. Excellent history by someone who knows. Fantastic illus from secret languages to clothing, to previous Gorsedds. Pristine condition.. Three Geese In Flight Celtic studies since 1977 wrapping to protect dust your jacket with outstanding customer service . Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Haunted Landscapes: Cornish and Westcountry Tales of the Supernatural

By: Donald R. Rawe

Price: $39.00

Publisher: Cornwall, Lodenek Press: 1994

Inscription: Signed

Seller ID: 90008

ISBN: 0946143226

Condition: Fine

INSCRIBED and SIGNED Donald R. Rawe. Collectible Fine Trade Paperback First Cornish Edition 167 pp. Clean Pages. NOT a library copy. Nine short stories dealing with the supernatural by Cornish Author, Bard of the Gorseth, Publisher and Playwright Donald R. Rawe. Wonderful cover painting by Melanie C. Rawe. Three Geese in Flight Celtic Books since 1977 First Edition. View more info

Nuit celtique (la)

By: Donatien Laurent

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Brittany, Presses Universitaires De Rennes: 1997

Seller ID: 010335

ISBN: 2843620023

Condition: Fine

Fine Collectible Condition Trade Paperback Brittany: Presses Universitaires De Rennes, 1997. Book. Fine.Clean 252 pp. Trade Paperback. Essays on Breton Celtic culture with a anthology of extracts of many known and little known Breton texts in French and Breton. Fine clean condition Barzaz-Breiz Clean free of markings French language NOT a library copy. View more info

An Awayl Herwyth Sen Mark Saint Mark's Gospel In Cornish

By: dyllans noweth

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Camborne, An Lef Kernewek: 1960

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 246

Condition: Fine

Camborne: An Lef Kernewek, 1960. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 16mo - over 5¾ - 6¾" tall. Fine Clean Collectible Condition First Cornish Edition 1960 NOT a library book. No underlines. Cornish language Saint Mark's Gospel in the Celtic language of Cornwall.. No English.Fine condition Three Geese In Flight 35 years offering Celtic Studies from the land across the sea. First Edition. View more info

Image for Prehistoric Religion A Study in Prehistoric Archaeology

Prehistoric Religion A Study in Prehistoric Archaeology

By: E.O. James

Price: $39.00

Publisher: New York, Praeger: 1957

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 014179

Condition: Very Good

Very Good+ Hardcover and Very Good+ Dust Jacket Mylar protected. Not Price Clipped. NOT a library book New York: Praeger, 1957. 1st Edition. 8vo Except for rust marks on end paper from a paper clip the book itself would be Near Fine. First American Edition. One of the early important feminist archeology books to study the old Europe Goddess cult and indo- European invasion. Great shape first edition hardcover book and mylar protected dust jacket. 300pp. Study of the Old Religion of peace before the rumble of the chariots Illustrations Not price clipped and Not a library book.. Dust jacket pres... View more info

The Cult Of The Mother Goddess Hardcover

By: E.O.James

Price: $45.00

Publisher: London:, Thames and Hudson: 1959

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 005587

Condition: Good+

London:: Thames and Hudson, 1959. Book. Good+. Hardcover. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Original First Edition Hardcover and Mylar Protected Red Dust Jacket. The Mother Goddess from Paleolithic times through the Neolithic and Standing Stones. Megalithic art and in the forms of the stones. Several underlines, no writing in text a few jacket chips but still quite good and binding tight. Hard to find in original hardcover with jacket. Very special book NOT a library copy. Since 1977 we wrap books first in brown paper. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Early Britain The Cambridge Cultural History Of Britain Volume 1

By: Edited Boris Ford

Price: $20.00

Publisher: England, Cambridge University Press,: 1992

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 015405

Condition: Fine

England: Cambridge University Press,, 1992. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. First Thus. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Trade Paperback Near Fine Clean Pages. Anthology on the social life of Megalithic, Celtic and Early Medieval Britain, Clothing, food, visual arts, games, architecture. A sample of some of the scholars Jacquetta Hawkes Peter Salway Barry Cunliffe Isabel Henderson Clean pages free of writing. NOT a library copy.. First Edition. View more info

Studies in Ancient Europe Essays Presented to Stuart Piggott

By: Edited J.M.Coles and D.D.A.Simpson

Price: $38.24

Publisher: England, Leicester University Press: 1968

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 005777

Condition: Fine

England: Leicester University Press, 1968. Book. Fine. Hardcover. 1st Edition. Fine Large Collectible Hardcover Very Good+ Dust Jacket First English Edition. Clean Interior NOT a library copy. Fine scholarly Celtic studies essays megalithic Scotland. Romano-British bronze hanging bowls, Cornish Celtic pottery. B/W Illustrations Handsome large clean volume with one little Dust Jacket chip else excellent as well. Three Geese In Flight 35 years packing books with respect and care.. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Scrif Celt 85 13 April 1985 Programme Booklet A Confrence and Exhibition on Contempoary Writing And Publishing in the Celtic Languages (Breton, Cornish, Irish, Manx, Scots Garlic, Welsh)

By: Editor Peter Berresford Ellis

Price: $17.00

Publisher: Wales, Wales: London Welsh Centre, 1985: 1985

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 008178

Condition: Near Very Good

Wales: Wales: London Welsh Centre, 1985, 1985. Book. Near Very Good. Paperback. First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Scrif Celt 85 13 April 1985 Programme Booklet Paperback. Near Very Good. NOT a library copy. Some page foxing tight clean First Edition. 74pp Program booklet of a Pan-Celtic language Conference. Articles, Celtic language advertisements, Language discussions on Irish, Welsh. Manx More book publications, catalogs of books Chaired by the gifted 'Peter Berresford Ellis'. Very collectible piece of the Pan Celtic movement. First Edition. View more info

Les Mysteres De Condate

By: Editors

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Rennes, Musee De Bretagne: 1988

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 010987

ISBN: 2901429114

Condition: Fine

Fine Trade Paperback.Rennes: Musée De Bretagne, 1988. Book. 1st Edition. 8vo l. Fine Clean Trade Paperback Illus. NOT a library copy.Illustrated Archaeological Study of the beautiful Celtic Goddess statues found in Gaul and Brittany. Some in Lotus position. Scholarly commentary and many b/w photos and line drawings of the recent finds of Celtic Gods and Goddess with Torcs Great clean shape. French text.. First Edition. View more info

broceliande sur les traces du roi Roy Arthur Et de Ses Chantes

By: Edmond REBILLE

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Spezet, Coop Breizh: 1996

Seller ID: 015108

ISBN: 2909924734

Condition: Fine

Fine.French Language Trade Paperback.156 pp. Brittany: Coop Breizh, 1996. B/W Illus.Color Photos. First Edition. Trade Paperback Excellent color photo filled Arthurian and Myrddin/Merlin literary tour through the Forest of Broceliande and Celtic Brittany. Little known Breton and French Arthurian books are discussed and their associations with Arthur and Merlin and Morgan Le fay. French text Large Trade Paperback Great shape, clean.pages. NOT a Library books. Even if you do not read French the color photos of Broceliande were taken by someone touched by Faerie First Edition. View more info

Laboulaye's Fairy Book Fairy Tales of All Nations

By: Edouard Laboulaye

Price: $65.00

Publisher: New York, Harper & Brothers: 1867

Edition: First American Edition

Seller ID: 008295

Condition: Fair

New York: Harper & Brothers, 1867. Book. Illus. by Engravings. Fair. Hardcover. First American Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Binding shaken, loose and board fades.Overall fair condition.Yet wonderful Breton Fairy story and Italian Folk tales in this wondeful collection of 12 Europe and Arabian Fairy stories.Translated from the French with numerous little b/w engravings.One of a witch flying over three barking dogs in the Folk tale from Brittany,"Yvon and Finette" 362pp.This poor condition treasure makes this a good deal. Reduced!. First Edition. View more info

Archaeologia Britannica: Texts and Translations (Celtic Studies Publications) Edward Lhwyd

By: Edward Lhuyd

Price: $48.00

Publisher: Wales, Celtic Studies Publications: 2009-01

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 016964

ISBN: 1891271148

Condition: Near Fine

Near Fine Clean Hardcover. Wales: Celtic Studies, 2009. First Edition Decorative Hardcover Near Fine Clean Pages Free of Writing. NOT a library copy. Except for a crease in the first two end papers absolutely perfect. Handsome cover and spine. Never published with a dust jacket.NO Writings. Besides the texts gathered by the father of modern Celtic language studies includes translations not seen anywhere! Breton, Welsh, Latin, Irish amazing material and 17th and 18th Century correspondences. Plus notes, history edited with notes and bibliography.Three Geese in Flight Celtic studies and customer... View more info

Celts and Their Games and Pastimes

By: Egan, Sean

Price: $395.00

Publisher: Lewiston, New York, U.s.a., Edwin Mellen Pr 2002-10-01: 2002

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 874716905

ISBN: 0773471715

Condition: Fine

Collectible Fine First Edition Decorative Hardcover Clean pages with slight cover soiling. 191 pp. NOT a library copy From Irish Hurling to Scottish Golf to Cornish Wrestling, which George Washington was a champion of this form in Virginia.Rare very small printing. Wrapping with care since 1977 First Edition. View more info

Image for Carolingian Portraits A Study In The Ninth Century Hardcover

Carolingian Portraits A Study In The Ninth Century Hardcover

By: Eleanor Shipley Duckett

Price: $24.00

Publisher: U.S.A., University of Michigan Press: 1962

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 006992

Condition: Fine

U.S.A.: University of Michigan Press, 1962. Clean Book. Fine. Tight Hardcover. First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Fine Collectible Hardcover In Depth Study Of Early Medieval Europe and the leading historical figures of the Court of Charlemagne. Also Amalar of Metz, Lupus of Ferrieres, Louis the Pious more. No markings or underlines. First Edition. View more info

Guide des pardons et pelerinages en Bretagne et Normandie (Collection Les routes de la foi) (French Edition)

By: Eleonore Brisbois

Price: $30.00

Publisher: France, Editions Danae: 1994-01

Seller ID: 009978

ISBN: 2909226093

Condition: Fine

Fine Collectible Clean Condition First French Edition Not only does it have many great color photos of Celtic pilgrimage and the traditional clothing of Brittany but this is also a guide to the different 'Pardons' throughout Brittany. The time and place of their events 239 pp. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. . French text. Clean. NOT a library copy. Full page color photos of costumes and pilgrimages. Three Geese in Flight Celtic Studies Books since 1977 with passionate customer service First Edition. View more info

Brittany European Regional Guide Passport Books English Language Walks & Tours with Maps

By: Elisabrth Morris

Price: $18.40

Publisher: U.S.A., Passport Books: 1993

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 016459

Condition: Fine

U.S.A.: Passport Books, 1993. Book. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine First Edition Brittany European Regional Guide Walks & Tours With Maps Clean Color Photos NOT a library copy.Great book to take or study on a trip to Brittany. Clearly broken down into regions, Fairy sites, cycle tours megaliths, food crafts and wonder. Castles Pardons. No land is more silently mystical. Great color photos English text . First Edition. View more info

Folk Tales of Brittany By Elsie Masson Hardcover

By: Elsie Masson Edited Amena Pendleton

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Philadelphia, Macrae-Smith: 1929

Edition: First American Edition

Seller ID: 008552

Condition: Fine

Philadelphia: Macrae-Smith, 1929. Book. Illus. by Thorton Oakley. Fine. Hardcover. First American Edition. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Fine Hardcover Fine Collectible Condition Mylar Protected Dust Jacket With Color Painting B/W Full page Illustrations. by Thorton Oakley Celtic Breton Mythology."Yannik, The Fairy Child" The Witch of Lok Island," "The Castle of Comorre" many more. Great Thornton Oakley b/w drawings accompany this Celtic Tuatha De Dannan bag of gold! Not Price Clipped NOT a library copy. No underlines Rare in this collectible fine condition. Three G... View more info

Celtic Myth in the 21st Century: The Gods and their Stories in a Global Perspective (New Approaches to Celtic Religion and Mythology)

By: Emily Lyle

Price: $59.00

Publisher: Wales, University Of Wales Press:

Seller ID: 874716915

ISBN: 1786832054

Condition: Fine

Collectible Fine Condition First Edition 218 pp. NOT a library copy. NO writing NO signatures Twelve Essays by different scholars each as good as the next. A few "The Celtic Dragon Myth Revisited" Joseph Falaky Nagy "Identity, Time and the Otherworld: An Observation on The Wooing of Etain" John Carey "The Armorican Voyage to the Afterlife" Fanch Bihan-Gallic Another ob St. Patrick Another on the Tain, The Mabinogi Much more. Fine shape. Three Geese in Flight Celtic Mythology since 1977 wrapped with care View more info

Trevisa of Berkeley Hardcover

By: Eric Gethyn-Jones

Price: $26.68

Publisher: England, Alan Sutton,: 1978

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 006185

Condition: Very Good+

England: Alan Sutton,, 1978. Book. Very Good+. Hardcover. First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Very Good+ Hardcover with Very Good+ Mylar protected Dust Jacket. Late Medieval scholar and translator and 'Celtic Firebrand' History of this hero and turbulent period between Henry IV and Richard II. Cornish defender of King Arthur. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Superstition and the Superstitious

By: Eric Maple

Price: $24.00

Publisher: New York, A. S. Barnes: 1972

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 012322

ISBN: 0498074315

Condition: Fine

Fine Clean Hardcover and Very Good Dust Jacket One big jacket chip on bottom of front cover and a a couple of very small ones else Very Good.NOT price clipped NOT a library copy. A.S.Barnes, 1972 First American Edition. Clean 190 pp.8vo study of witchcraft and folklore, water divination preventive practices in England, Cornwall and America. The author was famous for his work on witchcraft folklore.and forest and travel lore. Photos . 192 pp. b/w illus.wrapping with care since 1977 Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

The Little People's Pageant of Cornish Legends

By: Eric Quayle; Michael Foreman

Price: $37.00

Publisher: New York, Simon & Schuster (Juv): April 1987

Seller ID: 012903

ISBN: 0671635808

Condition: Very Good+

Fine Clean Hardcover Near Fine Dust Jacket Color Illustrated Retelling of twelve Celtic Cornish Fairy stories about Witches, the Little People, and Piskies and the Giants of St.Michael's Mount. Clean pages, price clipped jacket with two tiny tears.but NO Chips. NOT a library book.U. S. A.: Simon & Schuster, 1986.Color. Illus. by Michael Foreman. Very Good+. Hardcover. First American Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Very Good+Great pastel color illus. by Michael Foreman who also has done J.R.R.Tolkien 108pp.Great Clean shape as is the colorful Fairy filled dust jacket.. Dust j... View more info

Finistere Sud Bretagne Guides Gallimard

By: Erwan Le Bris Du Rest

Price: $16.39

Publisher: France, Guides Gallimard: 1992

Edition: First French Edition

Seller ID: 008383

Condition: Very Good

France: Guides Gallimard, 1992. Book. Very Good. Paperback. First French Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Finistere Sud Bretagne Guides Gallimard French Language Trade Paperback.Color illus. Near Very Good. First French Edition. Extremely useful French guide to lower Brittany and Finisterre Sud Bretagne. Eating, shopping, books, antiques, habitat rural. Great color photos. Clean. Very Good Condition. NOT a library book. First Edition. View more info

A History of Cornwall Hardcover

By: F.E. Halliday

Price: $24.00

Publisher: England, Duckworth: 1959

Edition: First English Edition

Seller ID: 011385

Condition: Fine

England: Duckworth, 1959. Book. Near Fine.325 pp Hardcover. First English Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Fine Hardcover with Very Good+ Mylar Protected Dust Jacket. Clean hardcover NOT a library copy. A chip at top of jacket and a tiny one at bottom of spine, except for price snipped Dust Jacket it would be fine as well as the hardcover. Illustrations throughout this hardcover history of Cornwall. From the megaliths and Celtic gold working people to Dumnonia Arthur and Tintagel castle and medieval, Tudor and Stuart Cornwall. Great castle photo on cover dust jacket too and n... View more info

King Arthur's Country Original Hardcover

By: F.J. Snell

Price: $55.00

Publisher: England, J.M.Dent: 1926

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 015534

Condition: Near Very Good

England: J.M.Dent, 1926. Book. Near Very Good. Hardcover. First Edition First Printing. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. King Arthur's Country Original First Edition First Printing Hardcover, NOT a library book. No writing, A good deal of foxing on preliminaries pages. Pages clean. No underlines or writing or bookplates/ Really wonderful turn of the past century journey to Britain, Cornwall, Welsh, Scottish Arthurian sites by a Arthurian lover. Really great read Arthurian travel in 1925. Handsome looking binding. First Edition. View more info

Image for Dame Heraldry  Illustrated Original 1886 Hardcover

Dame Heraldry Illustrated Original 1886 Hardcover

By: F.S.W.

Price: $55.00

Publisher: Boston, D. Lothrop: 1886

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 66843

Condition: Good

Original 1886 Large Blue Silver Red and Gold Cover Shield Hardcover Very Interesting and Unique Portrait and little known tale of King Arthur's Breton Coat of Arms of White Argent and Black Sable on his Shield. The Flag of Celtic Brittany even today. The tale tells of an Angel covering Arthur to save the king's life in deadly combat with a Giant at Notre Dame Cathedral. The little known Breton Arthurian lore in this book from the great Arthurian scholar Norris Lacy in "Arthuriana" Much other Medieval Knight orders and Scottish lore and Crusader steel on attractive full color Heraldic s... View more info

Restif De La Bretonne

By: Félicien Marceau Restif De La Bretonne

Price: $25.00

Publisher: France, Mercure De France: 1964

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 012669

Condition: Very Good

France: Mercure De France, 1964. Book. Very Good.Clean.257 pp Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo Trade Paperback Clean very good shape. Collection of the thoughts and life of Restif De La Bretonne French text. Good solid shape. Portrait on cover. NOT a library copy. First Edition. View more info

La Gaule Ferdinand Lot Hardcover

By: Ferdinand Lot

Price: $24.00

Publisher: Paris, Librairie Artheme Fayard: 1947

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 011792

Condition: Very Good+

Paris: Librairie Artheme Fayard, 1947. Book. Very Good+. Hardcover. First Thus. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall. Original Gilt Green Cloth. Tight Hardcover Green Cloth French Edition. One of the most important studies of Celtic Gaul, Druidism, and the Roman influx 584 pp. Near very good condition. This copy has the bookplate College Jesus-Marie in Quebec. The slight remains of a removed white sticker still grace the lower spine. Removed pocket from rear board Binding tight. Clean NO markings or underlines. Nice tight attractive copy of a great book on Celtic Gaul and the Druids and r... View more info