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Old Stones of Land's End

By: John Michell

Price: $79.00

Publisher: London, Garnstone Press: 1974

Seller ID: 012127

ISBN: 0855113707

Condition: Near Fine

Collectible First English Edition Near Fine Hardcover Mylar Protected Near Fine Dust Jacket Garnstone Press, 1974. B/W Photographs drawings.The brilliant father of the 'Ley Line' revival author of "View Over Atlantis" here illuminates the Standing Stones and Megalithic sites in sacred Cornwall.interspersed with old line drawings that is like is much the Feng Shui landscape itself. Not Price clipped and bright and Fine in it's mylar jacket. Fold out map included. NOT a library copy.Three Geese in Flight Books since 1977 Passionate customer service Dust jacket present. First Edi... View more info

The Age Of Arthur: A History Of The British Isles From 350 To 650

By: John Morris

Price: $45.00

Publisher: N.Y., Scribners,: 1973

Edition: 2nd Edition

Seller ID: 007136

Condition: Near Fine

Collectible Near Fine Hardcover Near Fine Mylar protected Dust Jacket NOT Price Clipped. NOT a Library Book. No underlines or No writing in text. Morris a fine historian was filled and helped fuel the Arthurian exuberance of the Seventies only checked by the Cynicism of the Eighties and Nineties, now only finding a semblance of balance and respect. This book opened the door to reexamine Gildas and Nennius, and the Easter Tables and overseas letters of the 'Sicilian Britain the Bernie Sanders of the Age of Arthur (Included). Clean, tight shape. Big thick book filled with all aspects of sixth ce... View more info

Image for A Topographical and Historical Survey of Cornwall

A Topographical and Historical Survey of Cornwall

By: John Norden

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Frank Graham: 1966

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 11076

Condition: Very Good+

Near Fine Hardcover Near Fine Dust Jacket Not Clipped NOT a library copy First Edition Thus. Clean 68 pages No writing. No signatures Numerous wonderful facsimile Seventeenth Century fold out maps of Cornwall. (See our photo) Includes contemporary drawings "Arthur's (Arthure's) Hall, Nine sisters, Tintagel more Since 1977 we wrap with care. Five star customer service Dust jacket present. View more info

Image for Leaves from A Cornish Notebook  Hardcover

Leaves from A Cornish Notebook Hardcover

By: John Penwith

Price: $39.00

Publisher: Cornwall, The Cornish Library: 1949

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 013105

Condition: Very Good

Very Good.Original 1949 Hardcover. First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.Collection of Cornish essays from "The Cornishman" collected and published into a hardcover of 63 pages. Very good clean shape. First blank end paper missing else tight, bright, clean pages, red cloth hardcover and clean. NOT a library copy. One interesting opinionated essay "Celtic Arthur" on Cornish historical arthur, Megalithic Scilly Isles Another on Pilgrims to St. Michael Mount, another on the "Fortunate Isles' and the Isle of Scilly, Terrific printed and published in Cornwall. C... View more info

The Celtic Heroic Age Literary Sources for Ancient Celtic Europe & Early Ireland & Wales

By: John T.Koch John Carey Edited

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Wales, Celtic Studies Publications: 2003

Edition: Fourth Revised and Expanded Edition

Seller ID: 014204

Condition: Very Good+

Near Fine Clean Trade Paperback 427 pp.Clean NOT a library Copy. Celtic Studies Publications, 2003.Fourth Revised and Expanded Edition. 4to Comprehensive collection of translated primary Celtic texts. Includes every aspect of Irish, Welsh, Breton, Scottish texts of Mythology and ancient History.The Sidhe folk, The Tuatha De Dannan, Children of Don, Welsh Arthurian material. Truly A One volume Celtic library.Edited by two of the great current cutting edge scholars in Celtic studies today. Maps. Large Trade Paperback. Excellent clean condition.Three Geese in Flight Celtic studies since 1977 with... View more info

Tales of The Cornish Miners

By: John Vivian

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Cornwall, Tor Mark: 1970

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 012700

Condition: Good

Cornwall: Tor Mark, 1970. Book. Good. Trade Paperback. First Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Trade Paperback Good condition inside, two rubs on back cover where the blue color is rubbed off. Small crease on edge of rear cover. No writing NOT a library book. Pages free of writing or underlines. The book says Romans brought Jews of Judea (Before the Romans called it Palestine) who rebelled against them in the First Century as slaves to work in the Cornish tin mines and also as Tin traders. The Jewish place names in Cornish superstition are folk memories of Jewish tin traders like J... View more info

The Gallic Wars Julius Caesar A New Translation by John Warrington Hardcover Marbled Slipcase

By: John Warrington Editior Julius Caesar

Price: $35.00

Publisher: New York, The Heritage Press: 1955

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 006974

Condition: Very Good

New York: The Heritage Press, 1955. Book. Illus. by Bruno Bramanti. Very Good. Hardcover. First Thus. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Very Good+ Marbled Hardcovers in Handsome Slipcase First Thus. Heritage Press. Translation of 'Caesar's Gallic wars' Primary source for much of early Celtic Pre-Roman Britain. Druids,Vates, Gaulish dress. etc. Wonderful b/w illustrations Bruno Bramanti Clean nice solid shape NOT a library book. No better way to learn about the Druids than someone who knew them. Handsome Edition and slipcase. Since 1977 we wrap first in brown paper.. Dust jacket present. Fi... View more info

The Pirate and Prophecy: Of the Keigwins of Mousehole and the Spanish Raid on Cornwall

By: John Wilkinson

Price: $33.00

Publisher: Cornwall, United Writers Publications Ltd: 1995

Seller ID: 874716886

ISBN: 1852000597

Condition: Fine

Collectible Fine Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket NOT a library copy INTACT Dust Jacket. Clean 361 pp.First Cornish Edition "In 1595 in revenge for the defeat of Spanish Armada Spanish Slave galleys raided Cornwall capturing slaves trade and killing (As Monty Python said 'No one expects the Spanish Inquisition') Cornishmen. Here is that story and history Excellent reading including the Cornish Merlin prophecy....Three Geese In Flight passionate about our books wrapping carefully since 1977 Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

The Wise Woman; Her Lives, Charms, Spells and Cures: a Guide to the Folk Charms, Cures and Divinatory Practices of the Wise Woman

By: Jones, Kelvin I.

Price: $39.00

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform: 12/1/2017

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 66834

ISBN: 1981775722

Condition: Fine

Fine Collectible Condition Clean 236 pp. History and collection of healing herbs and love potions of the Cornish and Devon Cunning woman that kept darkness at bay and were finally accused of being that darkness.Healing herbs and the lives of some. Collectible condition Three Geese n Flight Celtic studies since 1977 wrapped first in paper to protect your cover. First Edition. View more info

Histoire De Bretagne

By: Joseph Chardronnet, Illustrated by b/w Photos

Price: $24.58

Publisher: Paris: Nouvelles Editions Latines, 1965: 1965

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 005752

Condition: Very Good

Paris: Nouvelles Editions Latines, 1965, 1965. Book. Very Good. Soft cover. First Thus. First Thus. Stiff Wrappers. Very Good/ 1st Revised Edition. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall. History of Armorica one of the oldest kingdoms in the world.From Carnac to Merlin.Brittany kept it's Celtic culture depite French and English attempts to destroy her .Great b/w photos too! French text.b/w Photos. First Edition. View more info

Image for Contes D'Armorique Legends of Brittany

Contes D'Armorique Legends of Brittany

By: Jules Dorsay

Price: $29.00

Publisher: Paris, Fernand Nathan: 1948

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 011142

Condition: Very Good

Very Good+.Hardcover. First Thus. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Very Good+ Hardcover with Breton Bagpiper on cover. Anthology of authentic Breton folktale.Paris: Fernand Nathan, 1948 Taken from F. M Luzel and H. de la Villemarque and direct from the country folk themselves. Two tone and b/w drawings illustrations French text. NOT a library copy Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Contes Et Legendes De Bretagne Color Plates De Rene Peron

By: Jules Dorsay

Price: $55.00

Publisher: Paris, Fernand Nathan: 1982

Edition: First French Edition

Seller ID: 011013

Condition: Fine

Paris: Fernand Nathan, 1982. Book. Illus. by De Rene Peron . Fine. Hardcover. First French Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Fine Hardcover Color Illustration of Bagpiper On Cover Gilt Designs on Spine. NOT a library book.Six beautiful color plates by Rene Peron accent this fabulous collection of myth and folk tales from Celtic Brittany taken from F.M.Luzel and other oral traditions. Great condition. .. First Edition. View more info

The Celts B.B.C.Watch

By: Julia Drum Harry Sutton

Price: $25.00

Publisher: England, BBC: 1989

Edition: Second English Edition

Seller ID: 013252

Condition: Very Good

England: BBC, 1989. Book. Illus. by Peter Kesteven. Very Good. Trade Paperback. Second English Edition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Great visual tour of Celtic culture in the Iron age. Color illustrated life of two young adults in a Celtic hill fort. Bardic tales of Finn McCool. barley growing, chariots. Great to see Celtic life.32pp.Verygood tradepaerback Colorful illustrated cover. View more info

The Battle for Gaul [A New Illustrated Translation]

By: Julius Caesar

Price: $37.00

Publisher: Boston, D. R. Godine: 1980

Seller ID: 008522

ISBN: 0879233060

Condition: Fine

Fine Hardcover and Near Fine Dust Jacket. Price clipped jacket or it would be "Fine" Great Clean Shape NO signatures NO book plates. First thus. Large readable modern English translation of 'Caesar's Gallic War' Julius Caesar's account of the Celts and Druids, Women's lives. Great illustrations, color photos and reenactment drawings chosen by Celtic innovative scholar Barry Cunliffe. Clean pages NOT a library copy. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

The Medieval Cult of St Petroc (Studies in Celtic History) Studies in Celtic History XIX

By: Karen Jankulak

Price: $69.00

Publisher: Woodbridge Suffolk, Uk, Boydell Press: 2000-10

Seller ID: 5223

ISBN: 0851157777

Condition: Very Good+

Very Good+ Hardcover Clean and Tight Free of any Writing or Markings NOT a library copy. Near Fine actually except for a slight surface scratch on cover. Comprehensive study of Petroc of the Splintered Spear. A Cornish Celtic saint and relative of King Arthur. Here is a comprehensive 261 pp. study of his cult the lives, in Cornwall, Brittany and Britain. Great price in great , clean tight shape. Celtic studies since 1977 View more info

The Jews of Cornwall

By: Keith Pearce

Price: $59.00

Publisher: 2014-01

Seller ID: 016907

ISBN: 085704222X

Condition: Fine

Fine First Edition Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket NOT a library copy.622 pp Jacket Price intact. England: Halsgrove, 2014 Hardcover.. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Thick comprehensive 624 pp B/W Plates Color Photos From the Joseph of Arimathea, the Tin Mines and Phoenician Sea Traders Cornish Saints with Hebrew names and Medieval Hebrews and into the Victorian era. Collectible condition at a great price. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Britain and the End of the Roman Empire

By: Ken Dark

Price: $39.00

Publisher: Stroud, Tempus Publishing, Limited: July 1, 2000

Seller ID: 016490

ISBN: 0752414518

Condition: Fine

Fine Hardcover Fine Collectible Dust Jacket. Not Price Clipped. England: Tempus, 2000. 1st Edition. 8vo First English Edition. Color and b/w illus. maps.. The author a Classicist claims that Pictish Ogam can now be read, and Dalriada as an 'evolution' rather than Irish invasion. This is in fine condition in every way. Since 1977 we wrap our books first in brown paper to protect the covers on their journey. Three Geese In Flight Books since 1977 Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Studies in Early Celtic Nature Poetry

By: Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson

Price: $49.00

Publisher: Wales, Llanerch Press: November 1995

Seller ID: 005212

ISBN: 1897853793

Condition: fine

Fine Collectible Trade Paperback 214 pp Great Classic of early Celtic poetry..Welsh and Irish nature poetry and theory early Christian hermit verse. Medieval Monastic poetry is translated and studied by one of the greats of Celtic studies. Gnomic poetry, Seasonal Poetry, Fenian poems Three Geese In Flight celtic studies since 1977 packed with respect for the book and you. First Edition. View more info

Lost Islands: Inventing Avalon, Destroying Eden

By: Kevan Manwaring

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Heart Of Albion Press: 2008

Inscription: Signed

Seller ID: 66806

ISBN: 1905646070

Condition: Fine

Fine Collectible First Edition Trade Paperback 209 pp. Color and B/W photos journey to the Atlantic islands around Wales and Cornwall that were active in Arthur's era and the Age of the Celtic saints. Calder, Bardsey, Mona Study of these Avalon like islands. Here inscribed and signed by the author First Edition. View more info



Price: $16.00

Publisher: France, FRANCE-EMPIRE.: 1976

Seller ID: 011040

ISBN: 2704808074

Condition: Fine

France: Editions France-Empire, 1976. Book. Illus. by B/W Photos and Drawings. Fine. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 12mo - over 6¾" - 7¾" tall. Fine Trade Paperback First French Edition Excellent study of this fascinating Breton woman beloved as a historical Duchess as she was named after a ancient Celtic Goddess Ana, or Dana. French text Fine Clean Condition Wonderful Illustrations. First Edition. View more info

Layamon's Brut: The Poem and its Sources (Arthurian Studies)

By: Le Saux, Francoise H. M

Price: $73.00

Publisher: D.S.Brewer:

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: SKU1000066

ISBN: 0859912825

Condition: Fine

D.S.Brewer.Fine Collectible Condition Brown Hardcover NOT a library copy. Anthology of essays from Welsh Celtic source material in Layamon, to Geoffrey of Monmouth's association and French and Breton Arthurian influence. Much more Clean and pristine . Fine. First Edition. View more info

The Ancient Mariners By Lionel Casson Seafarers and Seafighters Of The Mediterranean In Ancient Times

By: Lionel Casson

Price: $19.00

Publisher: U.S.A., Minerva Press: 1959

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 016436

Condition: Good+

U.S.A.: Minerva Press, 1959. Book. Good+. Trade Paperback. 1st Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Good+ First Edition Trade Paperback Clean Pages No Underlines Cover has a crease in bottom corner shelf rubbing. Inscription on title page.Binding tight. NOT a library copy. B/W photos, drawings, plans, maps. Still the classic respected source for Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Phoenician seafaring in the Mediterranean and past the Pillars of Hercules and Britain tin trade. Clean free of annotations and underlines . First Edition. View more info

Celtic-Britain-And-Ireland-The-Myth-Of-The-Dark-Ages Hardcover

By: Lloyd And Jennifer Laing

Price: $34.00

Publisher: U. S. A., Barnes and Noble: 1997

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 6524

Condition: Near Fine

First Thus Near Fine Hardcover Clean Study Cloth B/W Illus. Drawings of Celtic design Interlace and the origin, and use from Triskeles, Bronze bridle bits, and on Hanging Bowls Pictish Animal symbols, in "Dark Age" Celtic Britain and Ireland. Very worthwhile for the subtext of Arthurian Britain and Saxons. Clean NOT a library copy..Unclipped jacket as well. No writing, No names, small crease on upper rear cover NO chips. Celtic studies with super customer service since 1977. We are passionate about what we sell. Dust jacket present. View more info

The Archaeology of Late Celtic Britain and Ireland C.400-1200 AD Hardcover

By: Lloyd Laing

Price: $28.00

Publisher: England, Book Club Associates: 1977

Edition: First Thus

Seller ID: 014546

Condition: Fine

Clean Collectible Condition Hardcover. First Thus. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Fine Hardcover with Fine Mylar Protected Dust Jacket NOT Price clipped. Clean 451 pp pages. NOT a library copy.England: Book Club Associates, 1977. Irish Beehive huts on cover study of Celtic Early Medieval Christian archaeology from Cornwall to Ireland to Isle of man. B/W Full page plates. Illustrations inscribed crosses, Ogham. Norse Wales Irish Dalriada, Gwent. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

Early Monasteries in Cornwall (Studies in Celtic History)

By: Lynette Olson

Price: $49.00

Publisher: Woodbridge, Boydell Press: 1989-04

Seller ID: 015507

ISBN: 0851154786

Condition: Fine

England: Boydell, 1989. Book. Fine. Hardcover. 1st Edition.Collectible Hardcover with Dust Jacket both in Near Fine clean condition. NOT a library book. Not price clipped dust jacket. Clean 135 pp.The only purely academic work to focus on Celtic Christian monastic sites In Dark Age and Medieval Cornwall. Handsome addition to a collection of Boydell's Studies In Celtic History' Since 1977 wrapped in brown paper before shipping to protect your dust jacket Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info

St Samson of Dol and the Earliest History of Brittany, Cornwall and Wales

By: Lynette Olson

Price: $70.00

Publisher: Textstream: 2017

Edition: First English Edition

Seller ID: 874716876

ISBN: 178327218X

Condition: Fine

Collectible Fine Condition Clean 219 pp. Excellent anthology of essays on the controversies in Early Medieval Cornwall, Brittany and Wales about the extent of the travels of these Celtic saints who set up monastic sites during the Arthurian era. The arguments pro and con. Collectible condition at great price. Three Geese In Flight offering what we are passionate about since 1977 First Edition. View more info

Straw Craft More Golden Dollies

By: M. Lambeth

Price: $18.58

Publisher: England, John Baker: 1975

Edition: Second English Edition

Seller ID: 013860

Condition: Fine

England: John Baker, 1975. Book. Fine. Hardcover. Second English Edition. 8vo - over 7¾ - 9¾" tall. Fine Hardcover with Mylar Protected Dust Jacket both Very Good and Clean. The plaiting of straw into sheaths and Crosses goes back to Neolithic Goddess and still done Saint Brigid's Cross. Examples of modern use and ancient survivals such as Herefordshire Fan Lincolnshire Corn Dolly here illustrated. illus and text. Fine clean hardcover and price clipped dust jacket nicely mylared. NOT a library copy. Dust jacket present. View more info

Image for Cornish Feasts And Folk-Lore Original 1890 Hardcover

Cornish Feasts And Folk-Lore Original 1890 Hardcover

By: M.A. Courtney

Price: $125.00

Publisher: Penzance, 1890

Edition: First Cornish Edition

Seller ID: 6546

Condition: Very Good+

First Cornish Edition Published In Penzance 208 pp.Blue Hardcover With Gilt Tiles On Spine. Clean Victorian End Papers. NO writing NO underlines NOT a library copy. Foxing on endpaper and here and there. Some rubs and such but Very Good+ Tight binding. One of the great of Celtic Folklore indeed of all Folklore. Contains Cornish Charms and Witch lore,ballads, Arthurian lore, Tin mines Knockers, Piskie tales. We wrap first in brown paper to protects cover Celtic studies since 1977 passionate customer service First Edition. View more info

Celtic Crosses (Shire Archaeology)

By: Malcolm Seaborne

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Princes Risborough, Bucks., United Kingdom, Shire Publications: January 1994

Seller ID: 228

ISBN: 0747800030

Condition: Very Good

Very Good Condition Trade Paperback B/W Photos. Excellent concise highly illustrated 64 pp. history of the evolution of Celtic Christian expression Cross-slab crosses and its symbolism on these early post-Roman and early Medieval crosses of Ireland, Wales and Cornwall and the Isle of Man!. Really deep expression of Celtic art symbolism. Clean Very Good+. NOT a library copy. Since 1977 Three Geese In Flight we wrap our celtic books first in brown paper. View more info

The Language Of The Goddess Hardcover

By: Marija Gimbutas Joseph Campbell

Price: $75.00

Publisher: U.S.A., Harper & Row: 1989

Edition: 1st Edition

Seller ID: 016448

Condition: Fine

U.S.A.: Harper & Row, 1989. Book. Fine. Hardcover. 1st Edition. 4to - over 9¾ - 12" tall. Fine First Edition Hardcover with Fine Collectible Unclipped Dust Jacket. NOT a library book. Very large color and b/w illustrated study of the hidden symbolism of the Great Goddess in the womb triangles in pottery and standing stones. Excellent condition Mylar protected dust jacket. No writing no underlines no book plates. This book unlocks much goddess design in Native American pottery all the way to Irish New Grange stone petroglyphs.. Dust jacket present. First Edition. View more info